ASME ANDE-1:2015 pdf free download

ASME ANDE-1:2015 pdf free download

ASME ANDE-1:2015 pdf free download.ASME Nondestructive Examination and Quality Control Central Qualification and Certification Program.
a formal, controlled, documented assessment conducted in accordance with a procedure or other specific requirements.
exanunatson center: a center with facilities, equipment. and personnel used to administer examinations.
experience: actual performance, simulations, or verifications conducted during work time resulting in the acquisition of skills and knowledge. Classroom training is not considered as experience
false call: reporting a defect when none exists.
flaw: an imperfection or unintentional discontinuity detected by NDE or QC Inspection.
grading unit: a section of a test sample. A grading unit can be of unequal length and spacing and either with or without relevant conditions or flaws.
industr,,: a distinct group of productive or profit-making enterprises that produces or supplies goods or services (e.g., the aircraft industry, the pipeline industry, the automotive industr, and the energy industry).
inspectw?z: the verification of compliance of materials, components, or both to determine their acceptability in accordance with defined criteria.
instructor: an individual who teaches, trains, or educates Nl)l or QC Inspection personnel.
Job Task Anahsis (JTM: the process of identifying the content of a job in terms of activities involved and attributes needed to perform the work and identifies major job requirements.
Nonkstructivr Examination (NDE): the development and application of nonintrusive methods to examine materials or components or both, in ways that do not impair future usefulness and serviceability in order to detect, locate, measure, interpret, and evaluate flaws or other defined attributes.
NDE method: one of the disciplines of NDE. All or any of the NDE methods listed below are addressed within ASME Codes and Standards and as applicable may be addressed within the requirements of this Standard. Use of the term “Testing” in the acronyms of this definition intends to provide a universal term that can be understood to describe nondestructive methods across all Industries and Industry Sectors that may use this Standard such as those that specify NDE methods, Nondestructive Testing (NDT) methods, or Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) methods.