API St 611:2008 pdf download

API St 611:2008 pdf download

API St 611:2008 pdf download.General-purpose Steam Turbines for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services.
maximum continuous speed
The speed at least equal to 105 % of the highest speed requied by any of the specified operating conditions.
maximum exhaust casing pressure
The highest exhaust steam pressure that the purchaser requires the casing to contain, with steam supplied at maximum inlet conditions.
NOTE The tijbine will be subec*ed to the rnaxrnum temperature and pressure under these conditions, The rnanufacturers classification detei-mines the maximum seniriel valve setting.
maximum exhaust pressure
The hiest exhaust steam pressure at which the turbine Is requed to operate continuously.
maximum Inlet pressure and temperature
The highest inlet steam pressure and temperature conditions at which the turbine is required to operate continuously.
minimum allowable speed
The lowest speed at which the manufacturers design will permit continuous operation.
minimum exhaust pressure
The lowest exhaust steam pressure at which the turbine is required to operate continuously.
minimum inlet pressure and temperature
The lowest inlet steam pressure and temperature conditions at which the turbine is required to operate continuousty.
mounting plates
A structure (baseplate or a mounting plate), with machined surfaces, to allow the mounting and accurate alignment of
items of equipment, which mayor may not operate.
NOTE Machined surfaces can be present on the upper and underside faces.
Applies to the power, speed, and steam conditions at which the equipment will usually operate.
NOTE These conditions are the ones at which the hiest efficiency is desired.
A requirement of the standard.
An inspection or test where the purchaser is notified of the timing of the inspection or test and the wtspection or test is performed as scheduled regardless of whether or not the purchaser or his representative is present,
oil mist lubrication
Lubrication systems that employ oil mist produced by atomization in a central supply unit and transported to thebearing housing by compressed air.
The final recipient of the equipment who may delegate another agent as the purchaser of the equipment.
An enclosure used to mount, display and protect gauges,(switches and transmitters) and other instruments.3.28
potential maximum power
The approximate maximum power to which the turbine can be up rated at the specified normal speed and steamconditions if it is furnished with suitable (larger or additional nozzles and,possibly, with a larger govemor-controlledvalve or valves.
pressure casing
The composite of all stationary pressure-containing parts of the unit,including all nozzles and other attached parts.
Owner or owner’s agent that issues the order and specification to the vendor.3.31
pure oil mist lubrication (dry sump)
Systems in which the mist both lubricates the bearing and purges the housing,and there is no oil level in the sump.3.32
purge oil mist lubrication (wet sump)
Systems in which the mist purges the bearing housing.
NOTE Bearing lubrication is by a conventionall oil-bath, flinger or oil ring lubrication system.3.33
radially split
Joint split with the principal joint perpendicular to the shaft centerline.
rated power
The greatest turbine power specified and the corresponding speed.
NOTE lt includes all of the margin required by the driven-equipment specifications.3.35
Refers to the location of a device if located away from the equipment or console, typically in a control room.