API 17J:2008 pdf download

API 17J:2008 pdf download

API 17J:2008 pdf download.Specification for Unbonded Flexible Pipe.
5.1.3 If the purchaser does not specify a requwement, and 5.1.2 does not apply, the manufacturer may assume
that there is no requirement
5.2 Overall requirements
5.2.1 Flexible pipe
The minimum overall functional requirements of the flexible pipe that shall be demonstrated by the manufacturer are as follows
a) The pipe shall provide a leak-tight conduit.
b) The pe shall be capable of withstanding all design loads and load combinations defined herein.
C) The pipe shall perform its function for the specified service life.
d) The flexIe pipe materials shall be compatible with the environment to which the matenal is exposed
e) The flexle pipe materials shall conform to the corrosion control requirements specified herein.
5,2.2 End fitting
The manufacturer shall demonstrate that the end flttrng. as a minimum, meets the same functional requwernents as the flexible pipe. Where relevant, the following shall be demonstrated
a) The end fitting shall provide a structural interface between the flexible pipe and the support structure
b) The end fitting shall provide a structural interface between the flexible pipe and bend-limiting devices. induding bend stiffeners, bend res*nctocs and belimouths. such that the bend-limiting devices meet their functional requirements
5.3 General design parameters
The purchaser shall specify any proect-speofic design requirements. induding the requwemenls of 5.4 to 5.6 and the following
a) nominal internal diameter:
b) length and tolerances of flexible pipe. including end fittings;
c) service life.
Purchasing guidelines are given in Annex A.
5.4 Internal fluid parameters
5.4.1 General
The purchaser shall specify the internal fluid parameters for the application. The parameters listed in Table I shoidd be specified. When known, the minwnum, normal and maximum conditions shall be specified for the internal fluid parameters ol Table 1. Expected variations in the internal fluid parameters over the service life shall be specified.
5.4.4 Fluid composition
The purchaser should specify produced fluids (composition of individual phases), injected fluids and continual and occasional chemical treatments (dosages, exposure times, concentrations, and frequency). In the specification of the internal fluid composition, the following should be defined
a) all parameters that define service conditions, including partial pressure of H2S d CO2. pH of aqueous phase, TAN (in accordance with ASTM D664 or ASTM D974), and water content (produced water, seawater. and free water):
b) gases. including oxygen, hy&ogen. methane, arid nitrogen:
C) liquids, including oil composition and alcohols;
d) aromatic components:
e) corrosive agents. mduding bacteria, chlorides. organic adds, and sulfur-beanng compounds:
f) injected chemical products including alcohols and inhibitors for corrosion, hydrate, paraffin, scale, and wax:
g) solids, including sand, precipitates, scale. hydrates. wax, and biofllm
5.5 External environment
The purchaser should specify the project external environn’ental parameters. The parameters listed in Taole 2 should be considered. The design waler depth shall be the maximum water depth to which the pipe section may be exposed.