API RP 95F:2006 pdf download

API RP 95F:2006 pdf download

API RP 95F:2006 pdf download.Interim Guidance for Gulf of Mexico MODU Mooring Practice—2006 Hurricane Season.
The Drilling Contractor and/or Operator should determine the optimum line payouts and/or pretensions that serve to maximize intact mooring line safely factors without exceeding equipment limits or endangering human life. The envimn,nental conditions used for analysis should include the following weather combinations:
• Omnidirectional hurricane melocean cr tena should he used
• I lurricane-diisen surface currents should be vecLorially added to the local eddy current
• The payouts andJoc pretensions should he updated as swface current headings or selocities change
All units should be prepared to the extent feasible for towing. Each MODU should he equipped with a prima.y and secondary line. Transportation and marine vessels should receive priority allocation in any recovery operations immediately following passage of a hurricane for the purpose of MODU recovery.
Contingency plans shall address operations identified as critical to both hurricane survival and resumption of normal activities. The contingency plans shall address the need to have suitable pcconncl available to respond to the problem at hand. For example, if a mooring winch is inoperable and cannot be repaired. then i is necessary to have a mooring analyst determine suitable payouts and/or pretensions on the remaining lines that maximize survivability.
Satellite location transponders shall be installed and tested on hoard all moored MODUs operating in the Gulf of Mexico. These transponder systems shall he function tested prior to Hurricane Season to ensure the system is functioning properly. Sufficient care shall be given to ensure these systems have adequate hatter backup to enable the transponders to function after the MODU has been abandoned for a minimum period of seven days. Sufficient battery life should allow for reasonable assurance that the system will be operational through a given Hurricane Event and for a period of time after potential passage of the storm, to allow for speedy recovery operations in the event of mooring failure. The tracker system should be fully operational with seven day capacity within 48 hours of reboarding the MODU.
Redundancy in systems should be considered.
MODU tracker data shall be made available to the USCG as one element of a comprehensive response plan. The information update frequency and content shall he defined in the response plan.
For all exposed to6O knot winds (I-minute at 10 meters) or greater during a storm, the drilling Contractor should fill out an infiniiation form capturing the MODU particulars and any storm related consequences. Appendix III contains a forni that may be utilized for this purpose. API has granted license, without restriction. for reproduction of Appendix III for this purpose.

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