API RP 934-E:2010 pdf download

API RP 934-E:2010 pdf download

API RP 934-E:2010 pdf download.Recommended Practice for Materialsand Fabrication of 11/4CR-1/2Mo Steel Pressure Vessels for Service Above 825 °F (440c).
5.4 Heat Treatment
All product forms shall be annealed, normalized and tempered (N&T) or quenched and tempered (Q&T) to meet the required mechanical properties. For thickness >2 in. (50 mm), O&T may be required to meet fracture toughness specifications for the steel. Annealed steel and lower Class levels should be specified for applications involving high temperature service where the primary failure mechanism is creep rupture For equipment exposed to cyclic service and where fatigue is an important factor the use of N&T or Q8IT heat treatment and higher class levels may be more appropriate.
5.5 Mechanical Properties
5.5.1 Location ef Test Specimens
Test specimens for establishing the tensile and Impact properties shall be removed from the following locations:
a) Plate—From each mother-plate with the same heat treatment transverse to the rolling direction m accordance with SA-20 at the standard test locations and at the 92T location. When permitted by the applicable product specification, coupons for all tests shall be obtained from the 1/2T location ody. If required, 112T specimens shall be used for hot tensile tests.
NOTE If multiple plates are cut from one motherplate only one set of specimens from the motherpiate is requ Wed.
b) Forging—From each heat transverse to the major working direction In accordance with SA-182 or SA-336, and test specimens shall be taken at ½T of the prolongation or of a separate test block. A separate test block, if used, shall be made from the same heat and shall receive substantially the same reduction and type of hot working as the production forgings that it represents and shall be of the same nominal thickness as the production forgings. The separate test forging shall be heat treated in the same fumace charge and under the same conditions as the production forgings.
c) Pipe—From each heat and lot of pipe, transverse to the major working direction in accordance SA 530 except that test specimens shall be taken from 1/iT’.
5.5.2 Tensile Test Requirements Tensile testing of plates and forging materials shall comply with the applicable code(s) and the following additional requirements. Test coupon shall be heat treated to represent the maximum post-weld heat treatment per 3.1.6. Tensile properties at room temperature shall meet the requirements of the applicable code(s).