API RP 75:2004 pdf download

API RP 75:2004 pdf download

API RP 75:2004 pdf download.Recommended Practice for Development of a Safety and Environmental Management Program for Offshore Operations and Facilities.
The management program should require that a compilation of safety and environmental information be developed and maintained for any facility subject to this recommended practice. This information will provide the basis for implementing succeeding program elements. Management should consider the requirements of Section 3. ‘Ha,ards Analysis. : if applicable, in determining the extent and detail of required information. The information should include documentation on process and mechanical design. The individual elements of the information may exist in various forms and locations and should he referenced in the compilation. Process, mechanical, and facilities design information should be retained for the life of the facility.
For simple and nearly identical facilities within the same area (such as well jackets and single well cais.sons), a cornITh)fl compliance documentation package may be compiled. except that documentation must reflect site-specific deviations from the norm for facilities within the area.
2.2.1 The process design informatio,i should include, as appropriate, a simplified process flow diagram and acceptable upper and lower limits, where applicable, for itcnls such as temperature. pressure. flow and composition. Where process design material and energy balances are available, these should be included, API RP I4J, Recornmenkd Prucliuefi;r Dewgn (lfld Hazards Anafr’ic fur Off harr Prrduction Fac’iiiher (latest edition). contains guidance as to the process design information required for offshore production facilities. On a nihile offshore unit (MOLi). API RP l4J is only applicable to a production processing system.
2.2.2 Where the original process design information no longer exists. information may be developed in conjunction with a haiards analysis in sufficient detail to support the analysis.
2.3.1 The mechanical design information should include, as appropriate, piping and instrument diagrams, electrical area classifications, equipment arrangement drawings, design basis of the relief system, description of alarm, shutdown, and interlock systems, description of well control systems, and design basis for passive and active fire protection features and systems and emergency evacuation procedures. If applicable, information on materials of construction, equipment and piping specifIcations, corrosion detection and prevention systems, and design codes, regulations. and standard practices employed may also he included. API RP l4J contains guidance as to the mechanical design information recommended for offshore production facilities.
Note: On an MOU, API RP 14J is oniy applicable to a production processing system.
2.3.2 The mechanical and facility design for mobile offshore units (MOUs) should conform to the applicable requirements of the flag State and classification society. The combination of appropriate and valid flag State certificates (e.g., International Load Line Certificate, U.S. Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection, IMO MODU code certificate, or International Oil Pollution Prevention Certificate) and classification society certificates generally provide substantial evidence of conformance with these requirements.