SAE J974:2002 pdf download

SAE J974:2002 pdf download

SAE J974:2002 pdf download Flashing Warning Lamp for Agricultural Equipment
1. Scope—This SAE Standard covers the general requirements and the test requirements for a flashing warning lamp for agricultural equipment.
2. References
2.1 Applicable Publications—The following publications form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise indicated, the latest issue of SAE publications shall apply.
2.1 .1 SAE P UBLICATIONS —Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 1 5096-0001 .
SAEJ567—Lamp Bulb Retention System
SAEJ575—Test Methods and Equipment for Lighting Devices and Components for Use on Vehicles Less than 2032 mm in Overall Width
SAEJ578—Color Specification
SAEJ588—Turn Signal Lamp for Use on Motor Vehicles Less than 2032 mm in Overall Width
3. Definition—This flashing warning lamp is a lighting device to indicate both forward and rearward the presence of agricultural equipment which normally travel at rates of speed below that of other traffic.
4. General Requirements
4.1 The lamp shall comply in both the forward and rearward direction with the candlepower requirements of a Class A turn signal, SAE J588, Table 1 . In addition, the lamp shall project at least 4 cp on both sides at 90 degrees to the lamp axis.
4.2 The color of the light from the warning lamp shall be amber in accordance with SAE J578.
4.3 The lamp shall be flashed at least 60 fpm (flashes per minute) but not more than 1 20 fpm when it is operating.
4.4 The effective projected illuminated area measured on a plane at right angles to the axis of the lamp shall not be less than 77.5 cm 2 (1 2 in 2 ).
4.5 The bulb sockets shall comply with SAE J567.
5. Test Requirements—The flashing warning lamp shall be tested according to the following sections of SAE J575:
Section B—Samples for Test
Section C—Lamp Bulbs
Section D—Laboratory Facilities
Section E—Vibration Test
Section F—Moisture Test
Section G—Dust Test
Section H—Corrosion Test