SAE J915:2000 pdf download

SAE J915:2000 pdf download

SAE J915:2000 pdf download Automatic Transmissions—Manual Control Sequence
1. Scope—The scope and purpose of this SAE Recommended Practice is to provide a standard pattern or sequence for the manual control of automatic transmissions in passenger cars and light-duty trucks.
2. References—There are no referenced publications specified herein.
3. Control Sequence—The general pattern or sequence shall be:
4. Steering Column-Mounted Control—The sequence will start from the most counterclockwise position. The park position shall be located as shown when provided; however, inclusion of such a position is optional.
4.1 For detecting the positions by feel and for safety, a stepped gate shall be provided, such that the control lever must be raised in a direction parallel to the axis of the steering column in order to engage certain of the manual positions. While a definite gating pattern is not specified, a preferred one is as follows: neutral and drive on one plane; raise the lever to obtain either reverse or lower forward ranges; and if a park position is included in shifting reverse to park, a further rise with park being a latched position.
5. Floor- or Panel-Mounted Control—For a floor-mounted system, the sequence will start with park being the forwardmost position. In a panel-mounted system, the sequence will begin with park being the up, or leftmost position.
5.1 Adequate gating as mentioned under “Steering Column-Mounted Control” is to be provided. A lever with a button release for entering reverse, park, and/or lower forward ranges is a desirable feature. If included, park should be a latched position.
6. Additional Overdrive Control Arrangement—For automatic transmissions utilizing overdrive control in addition to the manual control lever, the switch shall be located on the manual lever or at an easily visible, ergonomically designed dash or console-mounted location.
7. Inhibitors—For multiple-speed automatic transmissions, the inhibiting of lower ranges is recommended above vehicle speeds which would cause engine overspeed. An inhibitor for reverse is recommended, although it is considered optional.
7.1 If park position is engaged with the vehicle moving, the mechanism must ratchet or not engage until a low (non-zero) vehicle speed is attained.
8. Neutral Start Switch—A switch in series with the starter circuit is to be provided which will allow the engine to be started only in the Park (if included) and neutral positions.
9. Brake Inhibit—The brake pedal must be applied before the manual level can be moved out of the park position. 10. Key Inhibit—For vehicles with Park, the ignition key can not be removed unless the manual level is in the park position. 11. Manual Gear Selection (like Chrysler “Auto-Stick)—Manual On/Off and Gear up “+” and Gear Down “–” to be located on the manual lever or at an easily visible ergonomically designed dash, console mounted, or steering wheel location.