SAE J883:2002 pdf download

SAE J883:2002 pdf download

SAE J883:2002 pdf download Test Method for Determining Dimensional Stability of Automotive Textile Materials
1.Scope—This test method can be used to determine the dimensional stability of textile materials and vinyl-
coated fabrics when subjected to conditions which cause changes in the moisture content of the materials.References-There are no referenced publications specified herein.
Test Specimens—A test specimen 300 mm x 300 mm shall be cut from the material to be tested with onedirection parallel to the machine direction (MD) and the other direction parallel to the across machine direction(AMD).
Conditioning—The test specimen shall be conditioned for a minimum of 24 h at 21°C±2C and 50%±5%relative humidity.
5.1 Mark off accurately a 250 mm x 250 mm square concentric with the square outline of the specimen. This can
be done with indelible ink, indelible pencil, or other suitable mnethod, on whichever side of the material is moremarkable. Also, mark an arrow to indicate the MD of the specimen.
5.2Place the specimen face side up flat without wrinkles on a 4 mesh screen suriace measuring a minimum of
330 mm x 330 mm. Position a similar screen over the specimen using spacers at the corners of the twoscreens, so that the top screen is not in contact with the top surface of the test specimen. To test more thanone specimen at one time, use additional spacers and screens as required.
lmmerse the specimen(s) and screens in a pan or tank of clean tap water containing 1 mL of alkylaryisulfcnatesynthetic detergent1 per 21 mL of water at 21 C for 1 h or as otherwise specified.
Remove the specimen(s) and screens from the water and allow to drip dry in an atmosphere having atemperature of 21 C± 2 °C and a relative humidity of 50%±5% for 30 min. If more than one specimen isbeing tested, separate the screens so that no specimen will drip on any other specimen.
5.5Lay the specimen(s) flat on a table top.Measure the original 250 mm square with a scale calibrated in
1.0mm. Make three measurements in both the MD and AMD directions.The measurements shall be madealong the centerlines of the square and along lines parallel to and 50 mm in from each side.