SAE J860:2003 pdf download

SAE J860:2003 pdf download

SAE J860:2003 pdf download Test Method for Measuring Mass (Weight) of Organic Trim Materials
1. Scope—This SAE Standard is used to determine the mass per unit area, in grams per square meter, of materials used for trimming automobile interiors.
2. References—There are no referenced publications specified herein.
3. Procedure
3.1 Condition all test specimens in a standard atmosphere of 23 °C ± 2 °C and 50% ± 5% relative humidity for 24h.
3.2 Cut three specimens 1 00 x 1 00 mm (or as specified by the contractual parties) not closer than one tenth the width of the material from each selvage and from the center. For materials other than roll goods, cut three specimens from representative areas.
3.3 Measure the length and width of each specimen to the nearest 0.5 mm with a ruler or tape and calculate the area of each in square millimeters.
3.4 Weigh each of the three test specimens to the nearest milligram. 3.5 Calculate the mass per unit area in grams per square meter as shown in Equation 1 :
A = Average mass in grams of the three test specimens
B = Average area in square millimeters of the three test specimens
4. Notes 4.1 Marginal Indicia—The change bar (l) located in the left margin is for the convenience of the user in locating areas where technical revisions have been made to the previous issue of the report. An (R) symbol to the left of the document title indicates a complete revision of the report.