SAE J682:2002 pdf download

SAE J682:2002 pdf download

SAE J682:2002 pdf download Rear Wheel Splash and Stone Throw Protection
1. Scope—For guidance only in regard to highway commercial motor vehicles where protection to the rear against rear wheel splash and stone throw is deemed necessary, the following clearance specifications are recommended.
2. References—There are no referenced publications specified herein.
3. Splash and Stone Throw Clearance—The vertical measure from the ground to the bottom edge of the wheel house, fender, guard, or other splash and throw limiting part of the vehicle, shall not exceed one-third of the horizontal distance from that bottom edge to the center line of the axle. However, such limiting part need be no closer to the road than 1 5.24 cm (6 in), when the vehicle is loaded. 1
4. The splash and throw limiting part shall extend laterally for at least the width of the tire or tires. 5. The splash and throw limiting part shall be as far to the rear from the wheel as practical, for greatest efficiency. See Figure 1 .