SAE J1323:2003 pdf download

SAE J1323:2003 pdf download

SAE J1323:2003 pdf download Standard Classification System for Fiberboards
1. Scope—This SAE Standard provides a means for specifying or describing the pertinent properties of fiberboards for automotive applications. The materials normally specified by this standard are defined in SAEJ947.The test methods commonly used for fiberboards are defined in SAE J315.
1.1Purpose—The purpose of this classification system is to provide guidance to the engineer in the selection of commercially available fiberboards and further provide a method for specifying the fiberboard and its criticalproperties by use of a standard line call-out.
2.1 Applicable Publications—The following publications form a part of the specification to the extent specified herein. Unless otherwise indicated the lastest revision of SAE publications shall apply.
2.1.1 SAE PUBLICATIONS—Available from SAE,400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, Pa 15096-0001.
SAE J315—Fiberboard Test Procedure
SAEJ947—Glossary of Fiberboard Terminology
AATCC Evaluation Form 2 (Gray Scale for Staining)
3. Numbering System
3.1The Basic Five Characters—This classification establishes alpha-numeric characters for various performance levels of each fiberboard property or characteristic. In specifying or describing fiberboardmaterials, each line call-out shall include the number SAE J1323, followed by a sequence of alpha-numerics todescribe the fiberboard and its properties.The first five alpha-numeric characters of the call-out after SAEJ1323 are mandatory, since they identify the material and specify the critical fiberboard properties, thickness,fiberboard type,and dimensional stability.
3.2 Suffix Letters—To further specify or describe the fiberboard, each line call-out may include one or more suffix – alpha-numeric symbols as listed in Section 5. These suffix letters, when appended to the basic number, specify additional physical or mechanical property requirements. Suffix symbols may be used singly or in combination to describe the properties desired in the fiberboard. 3.3 Special Numbers—The numeral 0 is used when the description of any characteristic is not desired. The numeral 9 is used when the description of any characteristic (or test related thereto) is specified by some supplement to this classification system, such as notes on engineering drawings. 3.4 Special Letter—To identify other characteristics not covered by the existing suffix symbols, the letter Z shall be used. The Z characteristics shall be specified in detail on the engineering drawing or other supplement to this classification. If more than one Z characteristic is specified, they should be identified by subnumeral, for example, Z 1 , Z 2 , Z 3 , etc. 3.5 Example—The line call-out SAE J1 323 B2A23A1 B7C3D9Z would be broken down to indicate the type of fiberboard and properties as in Figure 1 :