SAE AMS 2472E:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 2472E:2000 pdf download

SAE AMS 2472E:2000 pdf download Anodic Treatment of Aluminum Alloys Sulfuric Acid Process, Dyed Coating
1.1 Purpose:
This specification establishes the engineering requirements for producing dyed anodic coatings onaluminum alloys and the properties of such coatings.
This process has been used typically to increase corrosion resistance and to produce coloredsurfaces on aluminum alloy parts, but usage is not limited to such applications.
1.2.1 AMS 2470 or AMS 2471 should be specified for coatings to be used as a base for paint or other
organic finishes. This process is not suitable for parts which contain joints or recesses in which theanodizing solutions may be retained.
This specification covers two types of coating classified as follows:Class 1Coatings for ldentification
Class 2 Coatings for Decorative Purposes
When no class is specified, Class 1 shall be supplied.1.4Safety – Hazardous Materials:
While the materials, methods,applications, and processes described or referenced in this specification may involve the use of hazardous materials, this specification does not address thehazards which may be involved in such use. lt is the sole responsibility of the user to ensurefamiliarity with the safe and proper use of any hazardous materials and to take necessaryprecautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of all personnel involved.
2. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS: The issue of the following documents in effect on the date of the purchase order form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein. The supplier may work to a subsequent revision of a document unless a specific document issue is specified. When the referenced document has been canceled and no superseding document has been specified, the last published issue of that document shall apply.
2.1 SAE Publications:
Available from SAE, 400 Commonwealth Drive, Warrendale, PA 1 5096-0001 .
AMS 2470 Anodic Treatment of Aluminum Alloys, Chromic Acid Process
AMS 2471 Anodic Treatment of Aluminum Alloys, Sulfuric Acid Process, Undyed Coating
AMS 2473 Chemical Film Treatment for Aluminum Alloys, General Purpose Coating
AMS 4037 Aluminum Alloy, Sheet and Plate, 4.4Cu – 1 .5Mg – 0.60Mn, (2024; -T3 Flat Sheet, –
T351 Plate), Solution Heat Treated
2.2 ASTM Publications:
Available from ASTM, 1 00 Barr Harbor Drive, West Conshohocken, PA 1 9428-2959.
ASTM B 11 7 Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Testing Appartus
ASTM B 1 37 Measurement of Mass of Coating on Anodically Coated Aluminum
3.1 Solutions:
3.1 .1 Electrolyte: Shall be an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid of suitable concentration (See 8.2.2) maintained within ±2 °F (±1 °C) of the temperature approved in 4.4.2.
3.1 .2 Dye: Shall be as required to produce the specified color.
3.1 .3 Sealer: Sealer shall be an aqueous solution of nickel acetate or cobalt acetate or other solution acceptable to purchaser (See 8.2.3).
3.2 Procedure:
3.2.1 Masking: Areas where anodizing is prohibited shall be masked.
3.2.2 Tight electrical contact shall be maintained during the anodic treatment to prevent contact arcing (burning) of parts, but small irregularities of coating at points of electrical contact are acceptable.