IEEE 572:2006 pdf free download

IEEE 572:2006 pdf free download

IEEE 572:2006 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Qualifcation of Class 1E Connection Assemblies for Nuclear Power Generating Stations.
The qualification program shall be defined to demonstrate a Corinectiun Assembly’s operability, with margin, under all applicable service conditions.
b) generic qualification: In generic qualification, the qualification specification requirements are established for a generic set of requirements designed to envelope a number of applications. To establish qualification for a specific application, the specific rcquirenicnts plus margin shall be equal to or less severe than the generic qualification requirements.
The specific or generic qualification of the (‘lass lE (‘onnection Assembly and its intertaces shall be accomplished by using one or more of the methods described in 5.1 through 5.5.
5.1 Qualification by type testing
Type testing of a sample Connection Assembly is the preferred method of qualification. The type tests shall be designed to demonstrate that the Connection Assembly is capable, for its qualified life, of performing its Class IE function during andor after being subjected to stresses due to specified service conditions. including DHE. The tests shall simulate conditions that meet or exceed the expected or specified service conditions, with margin, at the location of the Connection Assembly(s). Test samples shall be assembled by documented production assembly methods and then subjected to the test program. The components of the sample Conncct,on Assemblies shall be selected at random if in production, or a prototype shall be manufactured and assembled using simulated production procedures. The sample connection shall be mounted in a manner that represents their most severe or actual plant application. The cable part of the Connection Assembly shall be qualified in accordance with IEEE Std 313-2003. Qualification by type testing shall include the analysis necessary to demonstrate the following:
at The specimen or test sample is generically equivalent to the assembly in actual plant application to allow direct application, intcrpobtion. or extrapolation of the test results.
6) The test conditions arc at least as severe as the service conditions, plus margin, including L)BEs given in the qualification specification (see 6.1).
5.2 Qualification by operating experience
Performance data from Connection Assemblies of similar design that has successfully operated under known service conditions may be used in qualifying other (‘onnection Assemblies to equal or less severe conditions. Applicability of this data depends on the adequacy of documentation establishing past service condirions. Connection Assemblies performance, and similarity against the Connection Assemblies to be qualified, and upon which operating experience eSists. The known service conditions must equal or exceed the new service conditions plus margin. A demonstration of required operability during applicable design hasis event(s) shall be included in Connection Assembly programs based on operating experience, when design basis event qualification is required.