BS ISO 14884:2015 pdf download

BS ISO 14884:2015 pdf download

BS ISO 14884:2015 pdf download.Large yachts — Weathertight doors — Strength and weathertightness requirements
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies technical requirements for weathertight hinged, sliding, and pantograph doors for manual and powered operation providing access to accommodation and service areas on large yachts, taking into account the location of the appliance. This International Standard only considers design loads applied to the door and transmitted into the frame and the adjacent structure. Loads imparted from the yacht’s structure into the door or in its associated frame are not considered in this International Standard. Unframed glazed doors are outside the scope of this International Standard. Forward facing multi-leaf doors on the weather deck are outside the scope of this International Standard. Large yachts are ofLgreater than or equal to 24 m, in use for sport or pleasure and commercialoperations. The appliances considered in this International Standard are primarily those that are intended to achieve weathertightness as required by International Convention on Load Lines 1966 as amended by the Protocol of 1988 (ICLL), (i.e. those fitted in position 1 and position 2) as defined in this regulation. NOTE This International Standard is based on the experience of ship door, window, and glass manufacturers, shipbuilders, and authorities who apply to ships the regulations of the ICLL, noting the provisions of Article 8 “equivalents”, as agreed by the appropriate marine administration
5 Design Criteria
5.1 General NOTE Other International Standards and regulations, e.g. dealing with stability, buoyancy, watertight and weathertight integrity, and fire safety, can have restrictions on the position of appliances which are outside the scope of this International Standard and which are, therefore, not treated here. It is, however, necessary for the builder or user to ensure that the appliances comply with other relevant International Standards. All door leaves shall be permanently attached or retained (as applicable to door type) to the frame and/or adjacent structure in which they are fitted. All doors shall be arranged such that the external loads are transferred in compression to the door frame or to the adjacent structure. Doors forming part of the designated escape routes shall also comply with the requirements of 5.6.
5.2 Location
The height of the lower edge of the opening above the respective deck shall not be less than the sill height specified in the applicable national or international regulations. Weathertight doors as specified in this International Standard shall not be installed in positions below the freeboard deck, in the superstructure side or if considered buoyant in the stability calculation. See Figure 7.