ASME Y14.36:2018 pdf free download

ASME Y14.36:2018 pdf free download

ASME Y14.36:2018 pdf free download.Surface Texture Symbols.
ASME Y14.3-2012. Orthographic and Pictorial Views
ASME Y14.5-2009. Dimensioning and Tolerancing
ASME Y14.38-2007, Abbreviations and Acronyms for Use on Drawings and Related Documents
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Publisher: The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Two Park Avenue. New York. NY 10016.5990 (
ISO 1302, Geometrical Product Specifications (GPS) — Indication of Surface Texture in Technical Product Dc,cumcntation
Publisher: International Organization for Standardization
(ISO), Central Secretariat, Chemin de Blandonnet 8, Case
Postale 401, 1214 Vernier. Geneva. Switzerland
See 846.1 for surface texture parameter definitions.
4.1 ControL and Modifier Data
Surface texture controls shall be designated with symbols or text. The symbol or text methods shall be used when a single requirement or several dilterent requirements apply to a given surface. The symbols or text shall appear on the field oIthe drawing. in the title block, or referenced on a specification sheet.
4.2 Basic Surface Texture Symbol
The basic surface texture symbol denotes the surface texture parameters that are a requirement for a surface. See Figure 4-1. illustration (a). When using this symbol, the general surface texture requirements shall be shown on the drawing or on a referenced specification. For symbol proportions, see Figure A-I.
4.3 SymboL Modifiers
The following modifiers allow surface texture parameters to be applied that are different from what is specified on the drawing or on a referenced specification sheet to specific surfaces.
4.3.1 MateriaL Removal Required (MRR). When it Is necessary to indicate that a surface shall be produced by removing material, a horizontal line shall be added to the basic surface texture symbol. See Figure 4-1, Illustration (b).
4.3.2 No MatenaL Removed (NMR). When It Is necessary to indicate that a surface shall be produced without material removal, a circle is added to the basic surface texture symbol. See Figure 4-1, illustration (c).
4.4.6 Circular. The lay is approximately circular rela-tive to the surface to which the symbol is applied. SeeFigure 4-3, illustration (e].
4.4.7 Radial.The lay is approximately radial relative tothe surface to which the symbol is applied. See Figure 4-3,illustration (f.
4.4.8 Particulate.The lay is nondirectional or protu-berant (cast surface). See Figure 4-3, illustration (g)-4.5 Symbol Placement
The vertex of the symbol’s angled legs shall be placed(a) on a line representing the surface
(b) on an extension line of the surface
ic] attached to the horizontal portion of a leader linedirected to the surface, or
(d) attached to a feature control frame directed to thesurface
The symbol may be specified with a diameter dimen-sion. When the basic surface texture symbol is used, withor without MRR.NMR, or APA, it may be applied at anyangle. When the expanded surface texture symbol is used,the parameter information shall be read from the bottomof the drawing graphic sheet (see Figure 4-4).
4.6 Textual Presentation of Surface Texture
when surface texture requirements are presented as atextual entry, the standard display method illustrated in Figure 4-5 shall be used.The letters relate to the surfacetexture parameters (see para.4.5 and Figures 4-2 and 4-5].The lay symbol abbreviations used in the textual presen-tation are as shown in ASMEY14.38.Use for themultidirectional lay abbreviation.