ASME B47.1:2007 pdf free download

ASME B47.1:2007 pdf free download

ASME B47.1:2007 pdf free download.Gage Blanks.
(1) a design of frame that has proved to be exceptionally rigid under severe tests
(2) reduction of weight toas low a point as strength of materials permits
(3) distribution of metal to assure a nice balance and feel
(4) an effective and proved kicking device
(5) suitable construction of gaging pins, buttons. and anvils to give ample rigidity and maintain accuracy
(6) eise and simplicity of adjustment
(7) provision for sealing
(8) careful selection of limits and tolerances to preserve accuracy and permit interchangeability
(e) General details of construction are shown in Figs. 10 and II, and dimensions are given in Tables 60 through 72,. and Fig. 12.
3.10 Adjustable Length Gages
(a) The American Gage Design Standard adjustable length gage employs, for gaging members and adjusting and locking means, the same fittings that are utili,ed in adjustable snap gages. as detailed in Table 73.
(b) The gage heads are designed in two models, as follows:
(1) the double-sided model with GO and NOT GO gaging members on opposite sides of the spacing tubes;
(2) the progressive model with two pairs of gaging members on the same side of the spacing tubes. All models may be used to cover a very wide range. as the spacing tubes may be constructed in any length desired. See Table 74.
(c) General detaiLs of construction and dimensions are shown in Figs. 13 through 19.
3.11 Thread Snap and IndIcating Thread Gages
(a) Thread Snap Gages. Thread snap gages are usually adjustable and are comprised of a U-shaped frame on which are mounted one or two pair of gaging elements — one pair for checking GO (maximum-material limit), the second pair for checking NOT GO (minimum. material limit). These gages most commonly are made to check external product threads and, as such, .ire usually set to conventional thread setting plug gages.
(b) Inditnting Thread Gages. Indicating thread gages usually comprise a frame with an arm on which are mounted one or more pairs of gaging elements and means for a’gi%tenng the variation of movement on a dial indicator or other means. These gages are usually set to conventional thread setting gages.
(C) There are no American Gage Design standards at present for thread snap or indicating thread gages. Various types are in general usage and no attempt is made to pass judgment on or standardize any particular designs. This paragraph i inserted in this document to establish recognition of these gages and their relationship to other types of gages.