ASME QEl-1:2004 pdf free download

ASME QEl-1:2004 pdf free download

ASME QEl-1:2004 pdf free download.Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors.
An nspector all nwet 11w definition of ‘E1eator Per,.nnncl in ASMI A17.1 Section 13 .ind have documented training and at least 1 year ol experience perfoiTning in%prcti.w1% and performing or witnessing tests specified in ASME A17.l and A181. Venfiable evidence L)I training and •pt’rwntt shaH be dlcumL’nlrd with the application tar ccrlihcation to the certifying organizahon An lnspt.dor shall also rrify that hr or she meets the following quahlic.itions sec Nonmandatary Appendix B for the n’conimended qualthcations and diitie’ 04 in%pcctar trainees)
(a) knowledge of personal iaIev practices. including. hut not limited to, the safety praitiecs contained in the Safety Handbook rwcessaiv to perforni the following,
(1) acerpianer inspri1i.wi of new c.instructnm
(2) routine and periodic inspections of e,idsting rquipmetil
(3) inspectIons of equipment in hazardous environments. when’ applicable
(b) familiarity with industry terminology, including the following:
(1) terms defined and used in ASME A17.1 and ASME A1$.J
(2) terms used in ASME A172
(3) trrnv4 defined and used in the National F.lrctrical Code
(4) admingstr.gir terminology used by the jurtsdictional authonty
(c) abdity to n’ad architectural and installation drawincluding hoistwav arid machine mom layouts
(d) working knowledge of electrical. electronic, and circuit constnichon pnnciples
(2) series and parallel circuits
(3) grounding
(4) ability to read circuit diagrams
(e) knowlrdgr of thr purpose and function of safety de ices in the following lationi
(1) machine niwns and machinery spaces
(2) hoistways
(3) on the cars
(4) pits
(5) ealators, moving walks, and other related
(g) material lifts and dumbwaiters with auto-matic transfer devices dumbwaiters elevators used for construction classifications of driving means:
(b) winding drum
(c) hydraulic (direct-plunger hydraulic,electro-hydraulic, maintained-pressure hydraulic, and roped hydraulic)
3)escalators and moving walks
4) inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts and stair-way chairlifts (ASME A17.1b-1998 and earlier)
working knowledge of the functions and operationof elevator systems, including machines, motors, gover-nors,and othver machine room equipment; controllers;position devices; door operator systems; hoistway sys-tems; safety system testing and functions; pit equipmentescalators; moving walks; electrical devices; and hydraulics
j)knowledge of inspection and testing proceduresas described in ASME A17.2
k)working knowledge of applicable building. fire,electrical, and accessibility codes
(demonstrated ability to perform the duties speci-fied in para.2.2).