ASME PVHO-2:2019 pdf free download

ASME PVHO-2:2019 pdf free download

ASME PVHO-2:2019 pdf free download.Safety Standard for Pressure Vessels for Human Occupancy:ln-Service Guidelines.
1-5.3 Storage of Equipment
Documentation shall define storage requirements for the PVHO, its systems and subsystems, and associated equipment. Information to be provided shall include, but not be limited to
(a) maximum and minimum temperature limits
(b) maximum storage time limits, if applicable, for equipment, including windows, batteries, and nonmetallic materials
(c) preservation requirements
(d,l for gas storage and hydraulic systems, purging requirements and pressure settings
(e.) special considerations for battery systems
(9 maintenance requlrenwnts
(g) reactivation considerations
Paragraph 1-b.1 outlines requirements br the in- service maintenance of the PVHO and its support systems.
1-6.1 GeneraL
It is the responsibility of the owner/operator to maintain a maintenance program for each PVHO. A maintenance program provides a formal approach to maintaining the PVHO and its support systems. The maintenance program shall be supported by a maintenance manual that organizes, defines, and formalizes the maintenance and inspection procedures required. The maintenance program shall be designed to allow updates and the addition or deletion of maintenance and inspection procedures. In addition to maintenance and inspection procedures generated by the PVHO designer, fabricator, owner, or operator, or any combination thereof, the program should rely on vendor-supplied documentation. The program shall be designed to meet or exceed the requirements of applicable urisdictlonaI authorities.
Documented checklists, operating logs, and maintenance logs are an essential part of the safe operation of a PVHO,
All components, systems, subsystems, monitors, sensors. etc.. of a PVHO shall be demonstrated, and documented, to be functioning in a safe and acceptable manner prior to operating a PVHO.
There are many different types of PVHOs including, but not limited to, diving bells, manned submersibles, saturation systems, and medical chambers. lach type and/or design will have unique operational characterlstl and parameters requiring specific checklists, operating logs, maintenance logs, and record keeping.
lt is the responsibility of the owner/operator to ensurethat adequate checklists, operating logs,and maintenancelogs are completed before, during,and following eachoperation of a PVHO.
No checklists or logs,other than those required by anoperator located inside the PVHO, are to remain inside thePVHo during operations.
All checklists and logs shall be completed by a qualifiedperson(sJ.All checklists and logs must be completely filledout,signed,and dated by the person(s) who completed thetask.
1-7.1 Checklists
Before commencing operations, all preoperation check-lists,including those for support equipment, shall bereviewed,signed, and dated by the person responsiblefor the operation of the PVHo, thereby confirming thePVHo and its support equipment are acceptable forthe anticipated operational activities.