ASME PCC-2S:2015 pdf free download

ASME PCC-2S:2015 pdf free download

ASME PCC-2S:2015 pdf free download.Repair of Pressure Equipment and Piping.
(a) NDE, as indicated in Table 6, shall be considered at each appropriate step of repair welding work. The appropriate NDE procedure(s) for the applicable repair shall be selected to meet the requirements of the applicable code of construction and to provide the level of examination necessary for the repair.
(b) NDE procedures shall be in accordance with ASME BPVC Section V and applicable construction codes and standards.
(c) NDE before repair welding of pressure boundary shall include the following:
(1) The entire area of the pressure vessel that is to be repair welded shall be examined by means of visual examination (VT) or other NDE methods as may be applicable to ensure that the area is free of any defect harmful to the repair operation, which may include welding, 1WHT, and pressure testing.
(2) The need for carrying out pressure testing after repairs as well as the pressure used in pressure testing shall be evaluated in consideration of service conditions. (ti) NDE after weld repair and after pressure test shall include the following:
(1) Complete NDE shall be performed in an area that is at least the maximum of either 2T, where T is the thickness of material, or 100 mm (4 in.) from the edge of the repair-welded, preheated, or postweld heat-treated area, to ensure the area is free of defects.
(2) NDE of the area described in (1) shall also be performed after any pressure test is carried out.
(e) Acoustic emission testing may also be an effective means of examination following completion of repairs.
(f) Where possible, in-service NDE monitoring during operation is recommended for the repaired areas.
(g) In some instances, NDE may be used in lieu of pressure testing for repairs. Refer to ASME PCC-2, Article 5.2.
(h) Follow-up NDE after the pressure vessel is returned to service shall be performed based on fitness- for-service assessment requirements or applicable international surveys industry (ISI) codes.
(a) The requirement for the applicability of a pressure test subsequent to weld repairs shall be evaluated.
(b) If a pressure test is determined to be required after the repair welding of pressure-bearing parts is completed, the pressure vessel or vessel part should be pressure tested in accordance with the requirements of the applicable construction code. If the applicable construction code has no such pressure test requirements, ASME PCC-2, Article 5.1 should be followed.
(c) The pressure test, when required, shall be performed at a temperature higher than the fracture appearance transition temperature.