ASME A112.19.7:2012 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.7:2012 pdf free download

ASME A112.19.7:2012 pdf free download.Hydromassage bathtub systems.
Standard for Electri’c Spas, Equipment Assemblies, and Associated Equipment
3 Definitions and abbreviations
3.1 I)efinitions
The following definitions shall apply in this Standard:
Accessible — accessible by removing an access panel, door, or similar obstruction, using tools.
Circulation system – the inlets, outlets, pumps, air induction systems, valves, piping or tubing, fittings. and other appurtenances used to circulate water from a hydromassage bathtub system.
Note: The circulation system can be factory or field assembled, and it can be independent or intercon,wcred.
Disintegrate — to lose any material from a litting, exclusive of plating or finish.
Fixture — a device that receives water, waste mattei or both and directs these substances into a drainage system.
Hydromassag. bathtub system — a plumbing system that incorporates one or both of the following:
(a) water jets, with or without air introduced by integral suction. The water jets include a water recirculation system with self-draining piping and a water pump; and
(b) an air induction system that introduces air into the system through jets using a blower or air pump. Note: A hydromossage bathtub system can be piped or unpiped (e.g., a pipeless whirlpool bothtub)
Jet — a fitting that creates a high-velocity stream of water with or without induction of air.
Pipeless whirlpool bathtub — a bathtub equipped with one or more unitized jet/suction fittings to circulate water without piping and discharge the water alter each use.
Plumbing appurtenance — a manufactured device, prefabricated assembly, or field assembly of component parts that is an adjunct to the basic piping system and plumbing fixture.
Note: An appurtenance demands no additional water supp4 nor does it add any discharge toad to a fixture or the drainage system
Standard liquid detergent — a mixture of 8.0% tetrapotassium pyrophosphate, 7.0% ethoxylated-alkyl-phenol, 8.0% sodiumxylenesulfonate, 1.5% butyl cellosolve, and 755% water, measured by volume.
Ihe following commercial products are acceptable:
(a) tetrapotassium pyrophosphate: Monsanto TKPP;
(b) ethoxyloted.olkyl-phenol: Monsanto Sterox NJ or Rohm Hoas Triton X- 700;
(c) sodiumxylenesuffenate: Stepon Chemical Co. Stepan SXS; and
(d) butyt cell asolve: 2-buto.zy ethanol.
Unitized jet/suction fitting — an apparatus with a means for circulating water in a whirlpoo’ bathtub without routing the water through the circulation system.