ASME B40.200a:2003 pdf free download

ASME B40.200a:2003 pdf free download

Since 1900 the introduction of the liquid-in-glass thermometer for pipe line. tankage, and ocher temperature mcasunng pphcauons became a reality. In such equipment, if the fluing attaching the thermometer to the equipment is not dimensionally sundardized, extreme difficulty in replacing a thermometer is encountered. Over the years manufacturers have standardizjed the product. To accommodate the interchangeability, this endeavor has been helped by the introduction of Miiitacy. FederaL and Trade Association Standards. Dimensional and ocher infannaiion from the following Liquidin-Glass lndustnal Thermometer specifications have been incorporated into this publication.
a) F.S.H. No. 472. March 5, 1927 United States Government Master Specification fee Thcrniometers Industrial. “This specification was officially promulgatc4 by the Federal Speci&ations Hoard on March 5.1927. for the use of the Depanmcnts and Independent Establishments of the Government in the purchase of mdusthai thermometers.” (From the tide page of the specification.)
(b) GG-T-321. March 31, 1931. superceding LI.S.G.MS. 472a October 192*; Fedcral Specification, Industrial Thermometers
(C) 18T14(INT). November 1941, Thermomcicrs, Mercunal. Navy Type. 6 in. case. Bureau of Ships
(d) 18T1j, July 1. 1944. supcrceding 1817j Dccember 1937. Navy Dcpartmern Specification; The notneicra, Industrial
(e) MLL-T-656. April 1953. Thermometer. Self hsdi. cating. 6 in. cisc
(f) MIL-T- 19474. April 1956. Military Spcc2fication; Thermometer, Self Indicating. Liquid-in-Glass 6 m.
(g) MILT-19475. April 1956, Military Specification; Thermometer, Self Indicating. Liqwd-in-Glass. 7 in. and 9 in. case
(h) RC7-1. 1962 SAMA (Scientific Apparatus Makera Association) Standard: Liquid-in-Glass Industrial Thermometers
(i) GO-T.321d, July 1977, Federal Specification. supcrccding GG-T-321c. dated 1962. Thermometers. Self Indicating, Liqwd-in-Glass for Machinery and Piping Systems
ASME has been granted authorization by SAMA to assume responsibility for the cancelled RC7. I Standard. and replace it with this 640.8 Standard.
3.1 Industrial
The thermometers described have a nominal case size of 7 in.. 9 in., or 12 in See Fig. 4B.
3.2 Compact In.
The thermometers described are of a different design and are n intcrehangeable with Industrial Style of para. 3.1. The primaiy usc for 6 in. nominal case sire thermometer is for small diameter pipe Lines, wherein shorter immersion Length of thcrmowclls is required. or mounting space for the thermometer is restricted. See Fig. 1, sketches (a) and (b).