ASME B30.14:2015 pdf free download

ASME B30.14:2015 pdf free download

ASME B30.14:2015 pdf free download.Side Boom Tractors.
(d) Slop Indicator. The slope (level) indicator shall indicate the extent that the side boom tractor chassis is out-of-level. Accuracy of slope indication shall be within 2 deg of actual slope. Lateral and longitudinal slope should be indicated separately.
14-1.2.2 Machine Configuration and Capacity Setting
Provision should be made for a qualified person to modify the configuration information utilized in the rated load capacity calculations to accurately reflect changes from original (as manufactured) configuration. This capability shall not allow any incre.ise From the original nianu1adunr’s rated capacity. hut may include, but not be limited to, changes in boom length (i), rigging (hooks and blocks) weight, and reductions in effective counterweight.
14-1.3.1 Boom Hoist Mechanism
When using recommended boom hoist reeving or hydraulic cylinder system with maximum load capacity suspended. the boom hoist mechanism shall be capable of raising or lowering the boom, stopping boom motion, and holding it stationary without attention from the operator.
(a) The boom hoist mechanism shall be provided with a clutch or power engaging device permitting Immediate starting or stopping of the boom motion. The boom hoist mechanism shall also be provided with a self-setting brake or hydraulic system, capable of supporting the maximum load capacity.
(b) rakes and clutches shall he provided with adjustments where necessary to compensate for wear and to maintain adequate force in springs where used.
(C) The boom hoist mechanism shall be provided with a locking device or system to prevent inadvertent lowering of the boom.
(d) The boom hoist drum shall have sufficient rope capacity to operate the boom at all positions fnjm horizontal to the highest angle utilizing recommended reeving and rope diameter.
(1) Not than two full wraps of rope shall n-main on the drum with boom point lowered to the level of the tractor supporting surface,
(2) The rope end shall be anchored by a clamp attached to the drum or by a wedge socket arrangement approved by the side boom tractor or rope manufacturer, The rope clamp shall be tightened evenly to the manufacturer’s recommended torque.
(3) The drum flange shall extend a minimum of in. (13 mm) or one-half rope diameter, whichever is larger, over the top layer of rope at all times during operation.