ASME BPVC.V:2015 pdf free download

ASME BPVC.V:2015 pdf free download

ASME BPVC.V:2015 pdf free download.ASME Boiler and Pressure Vesse l Code An lnternational code.
(-a) to permit early implementation of an approved Code revision based on an urgent need
(-b) to permit the use of a new material for Code construction
(-c) to gain experience with new materials or alternative rules prior to incorporation directly into the Code (3) Code Interpretationi Code Interpretations provide clarification of the meaning of existing rules in the Code, and
are also presented In question and reply format. Interpretations do not Introduce new requirements. In cases where existing Code text does not fully convey the meaning that was intended, and revision of the rules is required to support an Interpretation, an Intent Interpretation will be Issued and the Code will be revised.
(b) The Code rules, Code Cases, and Code Interpretations established by the committees are not to be considered as approving, recommending, certifying, or endorsing any proprietary or specific design, or as limiting In any way the freedom of manufacturers, constructors, or owners to choose any method of design or any form of construction that conforms to the Code rules.
(c) Inquiries that do not comply with these provisions or that do not provide sufficient information for a committee’s full understanding may result in the request being returned to the inquirer with no action.
Submittals to a committee shall include:
(a) Purpose. Specify one of the following:
(1) revision of present Code rules
(2) new or additional Code rules
(3) Code Case
(4) Code Interpretation
(b) Background. Provide the information needed for the committees understanding of the inquiry, being sure to include reference to the applicable Code Section, DivisIon, edition, addenda (If applicable), paragraphs, figures, and tables. Preferably, provide a copy of the specific referenced portions of the Code.
(c) Presentations, The inquirer may desire or be asked to attend a meeting of the committee to make a formal presentation or to answer questions from the committee members with regard to the inquiry. Attendance at a committee meeting shall be at the expense of the Inquirer. The inquirer’s attendance or lack of attendance at a meeting shall not be a basis for acceptance or rejection of the inquiry by the committee.