ASME B89.7.2:2014 pdf free download

ASME B89.7.2:2014 pdf free download

ASME B89.7.2:2014 pdf free download.Dimensional Measurement Planning.
4.1 General
For each workpiece to be measured, a dimensional nwasurement plan shall determine and define necessary measurement tasks and shall specify their requirements.
(a.i Necessary measurement tasks carl be process contn1 measurements, accept-reject measurements. or both.
(N Each process control rneasunn’ient should relate to a controllable parameter of the workpiece manufacturing process.
4.2 Prerequisites
4.2.1 DimensIonal Measurement Planner. The Dimensional Measurement Planner tDMP) should have the requisite knowledge for adequate consideration of all applicable aspects of the dimensional measurement plan (e.g., dimensioning and tolerancing specifications, slalisiks, sampling plans. manufacturing plans, measurement uncertainly evaluation, etc.).
4.2.2 DrawIngs and SpecificatIons. The DMP shall review workpiece drawings and specifications to ensure dimensional requirements are clear, fully defined, and understood. The measurands chosen to establish a workpicce’s conformance to the dimensional requirements rely on the clarity and completeness of this information. Where these conditions are not met, the DM1’ shall contact the responsible for the drawings and specifications and obtain documented clarification, in accordance with specified standards and revision Levels.
I’articipation in design reviews with designers can help the l)Ml’ to gain an understanding of the true design intent. Such insight into design intent aids the DM1’ who is responsible fo ensuring that the sped- lied requirements are not only valid but also represent the true design intent. This emphasis is given to ensure that drawing specifications are not overconstrained in such a way as to allow workpicces to Lw unnecessarII >’ rqected when they will meet all functional requirenwnts. Workpiece drawings and specifications define the measurands to be measured,
4.2.3 Process Characteristics. Where applicable, the DM1’ shall review the manufacturing plan and manufacturing process failure modc and effects analysis to determine process tendencies and requirements for prediction of potential process failure, The DM1’ shall work with the manufacturing engineer to determine process control nwasurernent n1uiftments.
4.2.4Dimensional Measurement Planning Constraints.The DMP shall review acceptable probabilities of passerrors and fail errors, and estimated costs of inspectionand equipment.
4.2.5 Existing Equipment. The DMP shall reviewthe inventory of available gages and equipment anddetermine adequacy for ensuring that measurementrequirements are fully met.
4.3 Dimensional Measurement Plan
The dimensional measurement plan shall contain orreference all information needed for making measure-ments. Where applicable, the following considerationsshall be addressed in developing the dimensional meas-urement plan (see Nonmandatory Appendix A for anexample):
ia)”workpiece identification (e-g-,workpiece number,revision level, serial number, description)
(b) determination of measurands (features to bemeasured from workpiece drawing.process sheet,inspection instructions,etc.)
(c) determination of measurements to be taken (e.g-.for process control, workpiece acceptance, etc.)
(d)determination of lot sampling plan and sampleanalysis methods. (sample size, frequency)