ASME BPVC-III NE ADD:2008 pdf free download

ASME BPVC-III NE ADD:2008 pdf free download

ASME BPVC-III NE ADD:2008 pdf free download.Division 1 -Subsection NE Class MC Components.
Subsubparagraphs are designated by adding lowercase letters in parentheses to the najor subparagraph numbers. such as NH-I 132.1(a). When further subdivisions of minor subparagraphs arc ncccssary. suhsubparagraphs are designated by adding Arabic numerals in parenthcses to the subparagraph designation. such as NB-2 121 (a)( I).
References used within Section III generally fall into one of the following four categories.
(a) REfrrences ,o Other Portions of Section III. When a reference is made to another Article. Suharticle, or paragraph. all numbers subsidiary to that reference shall be included. For example, reference to NB-3000 includes all material in Article NB-3000; reference to NB-320() includes all material in Subarticlc NB-3200: reference to NB-3230 includes all paragraphs NB-3231 through NB-3236.
(b) References to Other Sections. Other Sections referred to in Section III are the following:
(1) Section II, Materwis. When a requirement for a material, or for the examination or testing of a material. is to he in accordance with a specification such as SA- 105. SA-370. or SH-160. the reference is to material specilications in Section II. These references begin with the letter
(2) Section V. Nondexsrucli’e Eva,ninaiion. Section V references begin with the letter ‘T’ and relate to the nondestructive examination of material or weld%.
(3) Section IX. Welding and Rra:ing Qudijications. Section IX references begin with the letter ‘Q and relate to welding and brazing requirements.
(4) Section Xl. Rules for Inservice ln.speciion of Nuclear Power Pla,mt Consponet,ts. When a reference is made to inservice inspection, the rules of Section XI shall apply.
(c) Reference to Speciji ations and Standards Other Than Published in code Sections
(I) Specifications for examination methods and acceptance standards to be used in connection with them are published by the American Society for Testing and Materials. At the lime of publication of Section III. some approved by the American National Standards Institute.’When a product is to conform to such a standard,forexample ANSI B16.5,the standard is approved by theAmerican National Standards Institute.The applicable yearof issue is that suffixed to its numerical designation inTable NB-3132-1,for example ANSI B16.5-1977.Stan-dards published by the American Society of MechanicalEngineers are available from ASME,22 Law Drive, Box2300,Fairfield,NJ 07007-2300.
(3 ) Dimensional and other types of standards cov-ering products such as valves, flanges, and fittings are alsopublished by the Manufacturers Standardization Society ofthe Valve and Fittings Industry and are known as StandardPractices. When a product is required by these rules toconform to a Standard Practice, for example MSS SP-6, the Standard Practice referred to is published by theManufacturers Standardization Society of the Valve andFittings Industry,127 Park Street,N.E.. Vienna,VA 22180.The applicable year of issue of such a Standard Practiceis that suffixed to its numerical designation in Table NB-3132-1,for example MsS SP-6-1963.