ASME B30.8:2020 pdf free download

ASME B30.8:2020 pdf free download

ASME B30.8:2020 pdf free download.Floating Cranes and Floating Derricks.
two-block damage prevention feature: a system that will stall when two-blockingoccurs without causing damage to the hoist rope or crane machinery components.
two-block warning feature: a warning device to alert the operator of an impending two-blocking condition.
two-blocking: the condition in which the lower load block or hook assembly comes in contact with the upper load block or boom assembly.
vangs (yang lines): tackle attached to each side of a derrick boom near the outer end, and to the base or pontoon at a lateral distance, by means of which the boom is rotated (slewed) from one side to the other (usually used on floating derricks).
whipline (runner or auxiliary line): a separate hoist rope system usually of a lighter load capacity than provided by the main hoist.
windlass: a deck machine, usually power operated, used for heaving in or paying out anchor chain.
Persons performing the functions identified in this Volume shall meet the applicable qualifying criteria stated in this Volume and shall, through education, training, experience, skill, and physical ability, as necessary, be competent and capable to perform the functions as determined by the employer or employer’s representative.
(a) Translation of Non-English Documentation Into English
(1) The wording of written non.English safety information and manuals regarding use, inspection, and maintenance shall be translated into English by professional translation industry standards, which include but are not limited to the following;
(-a) translation of the complete paragraph message, instead of word by word
(-b) grammatical accuracy
(-c) respectfulness of the source document content without omitting or expanding the text
(-d) accurate translation of the terminology
(-e) reflection of the level of sophistication of the original document
(2) The finished translation shall be verified for compliance with (1)(-a) through (1)(-e) by a qualified person having an understanding of the technical content of the subject matter.
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