ASME B18.10:2006 pdf free download

ASME B18.10:2006 pdf free download

ASME B18.10:2006 pdf free download.Track Bolts and Nuts.
2.2 Necks
Types of track bolts are designated as “oval neck” and “eLliptic neck.”
2.3 Body Diameters
This Standard provides for two styles of body diameters. Bolts shall be provided with a full size body in accordance with the respective table dinwnsions of Table I or 2 for body diameter, £, unless a reduced body diameter is specified on the purchase order. These shall have a body diameter not less than the minimum pitch diameter of the thread and not exceeding the minimum body diameter, E, shown in Table I or 2.
2.4 Bolt Length
The bolt length shall be the distance measured parallel to the axis of the product from the bearing surface of the head to the extreme end of the bolt, including the point if the product is pointed.
2.5 Threads
Bolt threads shall be wiled unless otherwise agreed to between the purchaser and the supplier
Threads shall be Unified Inch Series, Class 2A as sped- lied in respective dimensional tables in ASMF Bl.l.
2.5.1 Thread Acceptance Gaging. Unless otherwise specified, dimensional acceptability of screw threads shall be determined based on System 21, ASME B1.3M.
2.6 Thread Length
The length of thread shall be measured parallel to the axis of the boil from the end of the bolt to the last complete (fully formed) thread. The minimum thread length, L7, shall be as shown in Tables I and 2. The tolerance on thread length shall Lw + 0.1147 in. or 2.3 X pitch, whichever is greater. Bolts of nominal lengths too short to accommodate the minimum thread lengths shall be threaded full lengtlt The distance from the neck to the first complete (full form) thread shall not exceed 2 threads for sizes up to and including tin, and 34 threads for sizes over I in.
2.7 Pointed Products
Unless otherwise specified, bolts need not be pointed. When pointed, the First full formed thread at a major diameter is located at a distance no greater than 2 times the pitch measured from th end of the screw. This distance is to be determined by measuring how far the point enters into a cylindrical NOT GO major diameter ring gage.
2.8 Straightness
Shanks of bolts shall be straight within the following limits at Maximum Material Condition (MMC). For bolts with nominal lengths up to and including 12 in.. the maximum camber shall be 0.006 in. per inch (O.O06L) ofbolt length. For bolts having a fuli diameter body,atypical gage and gaging procedure for checking boltstraightness is given in Appendix l of ASME B18.2.1.For bolts with an undersized body, the gaging methodshall be the sleeve gage shown in Appendix ll of ASMEB18.2.1.
2.9 Track Bolt Nuts
Track bolt nuts shall be dimensionally in accordancewith ASME B18.2.2.Selected sizes are included inTable 3.
2.10 Finish
Unless otherwise specified,bolts and nuts shall besupplied with a plain (as processed) finish, unplated oruncoated.
2.11 Workmanship
Bolts and nuts shall be visually, without magnifica-tion,free from burrs, seams, laps, loose scales,irregularsurfaces,and any defects affecting their serviceability.When control of surface discontinuities for bolts isrequired, the purchaser shall specify conformance toASTM F 788/F 788M.
When control of surface discontinuities for nuts isrequired, the purchaser shall specify conformance toASTM F 812/F 812M.
2.12 Designation
Bolts and nuts shall be designated by data in thefollowing sequences as shown:
(a) product name
(b)nominal size (fractional or decimal equivalent)
(c) threads per inch
(d) product length (fractional or two-place decimal equivalent).