ASME B16.18:2012 pdf free download

ASME B16.18:2012 pdf free download

ASME B16.18:2012 pdf free download.Cast Copper Alloy Solder Joint Pressure Fittings.
(a) Castings intended for use in applications up to 4UO’ F (204°C) shall be of a copper alloy produced to meet
(1) the requirement of ASTM 1362 Alloy Ct136(J()
(2) the tensile requirements of ASTM B584 Alloy C83800 or C44OO and in all other respects comply with the requirements of ASTM 1362
(I’) Castings intended for use in potable water applications, up to 200°F (93°C), shall be either
(Li of a copper alloy produced to meet the requirements of ASTM B5M Alloy CH750 or Ctt9K33, or
(21 of other cast copper alloys, provided the fittings produced meet mechanical and corrosion-resistant properties needed for potable water application
Dimensional variations occur in the casting process. Pattern equipment shall be designed to produce the metal thickness given for fittings in Table 3 or Table 1-3. The minimum wall-thickness shall not be less than 90% of the body and joint wall-thickness as shown in Table 3 or Table 1-3.
8.1 ConventIon
For determining conformance with this Standard, the convention For fixing significant digits where limits (maximum or minimum values) are specified shall be as defined in ASVSI E29. This requires that an observed or calculated value be rounded off to the nearest unit in the last right-hand digit used for expressing the limit. Decimal values and tolerances do not imply a particular method of measurement.
8.2 LInear Dimensions
An inspection tolerance as shown in Table 2 shall be allowed on center-to-shoulder, center-to-center, center- to-threaded end, and shoulder-to-threaded end dimensions on all fittings having female solder (solder cup) ends, and on center-to-solder end and solder-to- threaded end dimensions on all fittings having male solder (fitting) ends.
Coupling inspection limits for shoulder-to-shoulder and dimensions shall b double those shown in Table 2. except that the minus toleranceapplied to dimensions M, N, and IV. and Tables 7 and 1-7 shall not result in a dimension less than 0.1)6 in. (1.5 mm) for sizes through I in., inclusive, or a dimension less than 0.(Y9 in. (2.3 mm) for the larger sizes.