API RP 11BR:2008 pdf download

API RP 11BR:2008 pdf download

API RP 11BR:2008 pdf download.Recommended Practice for the Care and Handling of Sucker Rods.
d) The hanger bar must be perpendicular to the wellhead in line with the well bore and void of dirt and grease.
e) Place the polished rod clamp in a clean area on polished rod and tighten nut (or nuts) to hand tight. Do not install on any sprayed metal part of the rod.
f) For proper torque, follow manufacturer’s instruction tag attached to the clamp (see API 11 B).
g) If a friction type polished rod clamp Is used with a metal sprayed polish rod, the user should be aware that the CD. has a +0.005, —0.040 tolerance between the pin end and start of metal spray (see API 11 B).
8 Inspection of Used Sucker Rods and Couplings
8.1 General
8.1.1 Inspection Methods
Sucker rods and couplings should be inspected by using visual, electromagnetic, magnetic partide and dye penetrant testing methods and various cniensional gauging tools (Stuart and Lloyds). Any of the above methods or combinations of them can result in an adequate inspection as selected and defined by the user. API 11 B has a listing of definitions for defects and details on measurement procedures to verify workmanship and finish.
All inspection and NDT equipment used by the methods stipulated in this RP should be calibrated in accordance with
8.1.2 Personnel Qualification
Inspection personnel should be minimally Level 1 qualified according to ASNT SNT-TC-1A (Recommended Practice.
Personnel Qualification and Certification in Nondestructive Testing).
8.1.3 Calibration Frequency
Inspection equipment calibration frequency should be adequate to assure accuracy of the equipments measurements. The calibration status shall be recorded on the gauge and in a log book (or similar tracking method) with the date of the calibration and the initials of the person who performed the calibration. All calibration activities shall be traceable to NIST or equivalent.
8.1.4 Calibration References
Working gauges, API PB and PS “no-go” and “go” ring gauges used to inspect sucker rod pins and API B2 and 86 “go” and “no-go” box plug gauges for sucker rod couplings, shall be checked against Master Reference Gauges according to gauge certification specifications described in API 11 B. Working master gauges PS and PB shall be checked against setting gauges P7 and P5. respectively, prior to running any rod order.
8.1.5 Feeler Gauges
The working area(s) of the feeler gauges shall be checked at the beginning of each shift with a calibrated micrometer. Feeler gauges shall be trimmed or replaced if they do not measure within —0.0002 in. of the actual value.