UL 9990:2017 free download

UL 9990:2017 free download

3 Units of Measurement
3.1 Values stated without parentheses are the requirement.Values in parentheses are explanatory orapproximate information.
4.1 For the purpose of this Outline, the following definitions apply.
4.2 MARKED CABLE ASSEMBLY- A cable assembly that uses physical characteristics of theconnectors, shorted or open conductors, or active or passive circuit components within the cable toprovide information about the cable’s power handling characteristics to the power source,the powereddevice (load), or both. The “marking” is electronically detected by the devices (power source and/orload) on either or both ends of the cable assembly.
4.3 CHEATER CABLES – Cable assemblies provided with inappropriate markers, connections, shorts,physical configurations, etc. that are designed to ” trick”the connected devices into unintended modes ofoperation or disable or interfere with the intended system operation.An example of this would be shorting the data pins in a charging cable to force a power source into a high current, quick chargemode.
cONSTRUCTION5 Cable Assemblies
5.1 Cables shall comply with the Standard for Safety for Communications Cables, UL 444, the Standardfor Safety for Power-Limited Circuit Cables, UL 13, or the Standard for Safety for Appliance WiringMaterial, UL 758, rated VW-1, jacketed and determined to be suitable for the application.
5.2 For cables provided with an additional decorative covering over the jacket of the cable,thecombination of the decorative covering and cable shall comply with the vW-1 test described in theStandard for Wire and Cable Test Methods, UL 2556.Burning shall cease within 60s after any applicationof flame,and not more than 25 percent of the extended indicator shall be burned.No flaming particlesshall drop from the specimen.
5.3 Cable assemblies shall have one connector on each end.Plug/connector combinations shall be of atype permitted by the relevant specification. Cable assemblies with multiple connectors on either end arenot permitted due to the danger of back-powering ports with powering voltages.
5.4 A connector shall be constructed of material with a minimum flame rating of V-1 at the minimumthickness used or the finished connector/material combination shall comply with the requirements for SC-1in accordance with the Standard for Tests for Flammability of Small Polymeric Component Materials, UL1694 for parts with a volume of 2500mm3or less, or with the 12 mm end-product flame test described inthe Standard for Polymeric Materials -Use in Electrical Equipment Evaluations, UL 746C for parts with avolume greater than 2500mm3.
5.5 The measured length of a cable assembly shall be within ±10 percent of the identified length when measured from the face of one connector to the face of the connector at the far end of the cable.
5.6 The rating of a marked or non-marked cable assembly shall not be less than the maximum limit established by the relevant specification for the cable assembly configuration.