UL 60079-11:2011 free download

UL 60079-11:2011 free download

UL 60079-11:2011 free download National Differences For UL 60079-11 Explosive Atmospheres – Part 11: Equipment Protection by Intrinsic Safety ’i’
1DV.1 DR Modification of the Clause 1 first paragraph, replace with the following:
1DV.1.1 This standard specifies the construction and testing of intrinsically safeapparatus intended for use in Class l, Zone 0, 1, or 2 hazardous (classified) locations asdefined by the National Electrical Code,NFPA 70 and for associated apparatus,which isintended for connection to intrinsically safe circuits which enter such atmospheres.
1DV.2 DR Modification of Clause 1 fourth paragraph as follows:
1DV.2.1 Delete first sentence.
1.3DV DR Addition of 1.3DV:
1.3DV.1 The u.s. version of lEC 60079-11 does not include requirements for Group lelectrical apparatus. Requirements for Group l electrical apparatus included in thisdocument are to be considered omitted in all instances where they appear.
1.4DV DR Addition of 1.4DV:
1.4DV.1 Where references are made to lEC 60079 standards, the referenced requirementsfound in these standards shall apply as modified by any applicable u.s. NationalDifferences.
2DV.1 DR Modification of Clause 2 title as follows:2DV.1.1 Delete “Normative”.
2Dv.2 DR Modification of Clause 2 references to replace with the following:ISA 60079-27 (12.02.04)
Fieldbus Intrinsically Safe Concept (FISc0) and Fieldbus Non-Incendive Concept(FNICO)
IEC 60085
Electrical insulation – Thermal classification
IEC 60112
Method for the determination of the proof and the comparative tracking indices of solidinsulating materials
IEC 60127 (all parts)Miniature fuses
IEC 60317-3
Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 3: Polyester enamelled roundcopper wire, class 155
IEC 60317-7
Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 7: Polyimide enamelled roundcopper wire, class 220
IEC 60317-8
Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 8: Polyesterimide enamelledround copper winding wire, class 180
IEC 60317-13
Specifications for particular types of winding wires – Part 13: Polyester or polyesterimideovercoated with polyamide-imide enamelled round copper wire, class 200
IEC 60529
Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code)
IEC 60664-1:2002
lnsulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems – Part 1: Principles,requirements and tests )
Amendment 1 (2000)
Amendment 2 (2002)
IEC 60664-3:2003
lnsulation coordination for equipment within low-voltage systems- Part 3: Use of coating,potting or moulding for protection against pollution
UL 248-1
Low-Voltage Fuses – Part 1: General RequirementsUL746A
Polymeric Materials – Short Term Property Evaluations
UL 840
lnsulation Coordination lncluding Clearances and Creepage Distances for ElectricalEquipment
UL 60079-0
Electrical Apparatus for Explosive Gas Atmospheres – Part 0:General Requirements
UL 60079-7
Explosive Atmospheres – Part 7: Equipment Protection by lncreased Safety “e”3.1.1DV.2 DR Modification of Clause 3.1.1 item c) to replace with the following:
3.1.2DV.1.1 chargers or interfaces used in an unclassified location, but which areconnected to hazardous (classified) location equipment in the safe area for charging, datadownloading, etc.