ISO 4990:2015 pdf download

ISO 4990:2015 pdf download

ISO 4990:2015 pdf download.Steel castings — General technical delivery requirements
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies the general technical delivery requirements for the supply of steel, nickel, and cobalt alloy castings, including the requirements for the selection and preparation of samples and test pieces. When a material or product standard differ from this delivery specification, the material or product standard shall apply. In the case of investment castings, ISO 16468 will apply. This International Standard also specifies a group of supplementary requirements which may be applied to steel, nickel, and cobalt alloy castings. These requirements are provided for use when additional testing or inspection is desired and apply only when individually specified by the purchaser.
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In the case of impact tests, if the average value obtained from the three tests does not reach the minimum specified value or if one of the individual values does not reach the specified minimum (i.e. 70 % of the minimum specified value), the manufacturer may test three additional test pieces. The additional test pieces shall be selected from the same test block or from another block from the same heat and heat treated test lot to represent the castings in question. The results from these additional tests shall be added to the results previously obtained and the average recalculated. If this new average satisfies the average value specified, the material represented may be considered to satisfy the requirements of the material standard. Where the new average value does not satisfy the specified requirements, or any one of the new values is less than 70 % of the minimum specified value, the manufacturer may then follow the procedure specified in c).