ISO 20890-5:2020 pdf download

ISO 20890-5:2020 pdf download

ISO 20890-5:2020 pdf download.Guidelines for in-service inspections for primary coolant circuit components of light water reactors
1 Scope
This document gives guidelines for pre-service inspection (PSI) and in-service inspections (ISI) by eddy current tests on non-ferromagnetic steam generator heating tubes of light water reactors, whereby the test is carried out using mechanised test equipment outwards from the tube inner side. An in-service eddy current test of steam generator heating tube plugs as a component of the primary circuit is not an object of this document. Owing to the different embodiments of steam generator heating tube plugs, the use of specially adapted test systems to be qualified is necessary. Test systems for the localisation of inhomogeneities (surface) and requirements for test personnel, test devices, the preparation of test and device systems, the implementation of the testing as well as the recording are defined. NOTE Data concerning the test section, test extent, inspection period, inspection interval and evaluation of indications is defined in the nuclear safety standards. It is recommended that the technical specifications are based on experience on U-tube bends with even bend radius (similar to the S/KWU design). To test other kind of tube bends (e.g. U-tube bends with two 90° bends) further qualifications will be provided.
2 Normative references
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3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the terms and definitions given in ISO 12718 and the following apply.
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3.1 analysis system
<eddy current testing> test system that is used with scanning sensors or segment sensors at steam generator heating tubes for more precise characterisation of indications (3.2)
3.2 indication
representation or signal from a discontinuity in the format allowed by the NDT method used [SOURCE: ISO/TS 18173:2005, 2.14]
Note 1 to entry: Signal that is initiated by operationally induced damage mechanisms, geometrical as well as material or design induced influences.