ISO 16055:2019 pdf download

ISO 16055:2019 pdf download

ISO 16055:2019 pdf download.Tobacco and tobacco products — Monitor test piece — Requirements and use
4 Requirements
4.1 The monitor test pieces shall be produced from one production batch.
4.2 The number of monitor test pieces produced shall be sufficient to cover the needs of a period of at least two years.
4.3 For reasons of homogeneity, the cut tobacco used shall be taken from one well-mixed batch (if possible, it is advisable to use a single grade of tobacco with no addition of further materials, such as stems, humectants or flavours, to avoid unnecessary heterogeneity of the blend).
4.4 The non-tobacco materials used, such as cigarette paper and filters, shall be taken from one production batch and strict quality-control measures shall be applied during the production of the filters. Recommended specifications for the production of the monitor test piece are to be found in Annex B. The requirements shall now include a stable yield for carbon monoxide which is best obtained with a non-ventilated filter. Therefore, the recommendation is that the monitor test piece is unventilated. If it is necessary to use humectants for the tobacco, only glycerol is allowed. Propylene glycol cannot be used due to its high vapour pressure, which may lead to uncontrolled (undetected) loss of mass during conditioning.
4.5 The production tolerances on tobacco mass, circumference and draw resistance of the monitor test piece shall be controlled as precisely as possible. It is often necessary to increase the quality-control measures and to decrease the production machine speed to obtain the required consistency in physical, chemical and smoke yields of the monitor test pieces. Mass control is critical in the production of a reliable monitor test piece. Excessive mass variation contributes to unacceptable variation in smoke yields. The standard deviation of mass of individual monitor test piece shall be controlled to below 16 mg.
4.6 The monitor test pieces in a lot shall show consistent values for the content of nicotine-free dry particulate matter, nicotine and carbon monoxide in their smoke yields under the use of the smoking regime specified in ISO 3308 and for the content of nicotine and carbon monoxide under the use of smoking regime specified in ISO 20778. This consistency shall be assessed by means of a comparative study of sufficient size, the size chosen depending on whether the monitor is for local or broader use (see ISO 5725-2).
4.7 The packaged monitor test pieces shall be stored at a temperature below or equal to +4 °C until they are to be used. NOTE Other reference standards in the tobacco field require a storage temperature below −16 °C for reasons of hygiene. Normally, a storage temperature of +4 °C is sufficient for monitor test pieces.