ISO 13844:2015 pdf download

ISO 13844:2015 pdf download

ISO 13844:2015 pdf download.Plastics piping systems — Elastomeric-sealing-ring-type socket joints for use with plastic pressure pipes
1 Scope
This International Standard specifies a method for testing the leak tightness under negative pressure,angular deflection, and deformation of assembled joints between elastomeric-sealing-ring-type sockets made of plastic or metal and plastic pressure pipes.
2 Principle
A test piece consisting of a plastic pipe mounted into a socket is exposed within a specified temperature range to two specified negative internal pressures for a specified test period, while the pipe is being subjected to an angular deflection in the socket and to deformation. During the test, the test piece is monitored for signs of leakage.
3 Test parameters and requirements
The test parameters of the standard which refers to this test standard shall be used and the requirements shall be fulfilled. If one or more parameters are not given in the referring International Standard, the ones given in Annex A shall apply.
The following test parameters should be given by the standard which refers to this test standard:
a) test medium;
b) test pressure (bar or MPa);
c) test duration (h);
d) test temperature (°C);
e) free length (mm).
4 Apparatus
4.1 Framework, comprising at least two fixing devices, one of which is movable, to allow angular deflection to be applied to the test joint, while a negative air pressure (partial vacuum) is being applied.
4.2 Vacuum gauge, having an accuracy of ±1 % at the measured values.
5 Test pieces
The test piece shall comprise an assembly of a plastic pipe section mounted into the socket to be tested. The fittings and pipes shall not be tested until 24 h after their production. For practical reasons, the manufacturer may wait a shorter time before testing. In case of dispute, a duration of 24 h shall apply. The assembly shall be carried out in accordance with the socket manufacturer’s instructions. A pipe of the same nominal pressure (PN) or the same pipe series S as that of the socket shall be used for the test. NOTE The mean outside diameter, d em , of the pipe should preferably conform to the minimum specified value, and the socket dimensions (mean inside diameter, d im , and the diameter of the groove for housing the sealing ring) should preferably conform to the maximum values stated by the manufacturer, in order to have dimensions as close as possible to the extreme limits of their relevant tolerances.
6 Procedure
6.1 Secure the socket, without any deformation, to the solid framework and align the pipe section with the axis of the socket.