ISO 11410:2019 pdf download

ISO 11410:2019 pdf download

ISO 11410:2019 pdf download.Leather — Guidelines for packaging of wet blue leather
1 Scope
This document provides guidance and requirements for packing wet blue leather intended for transport and storage. This document is applicable to wet blue leather made out of goat skin, sheep skin, cow hide and buff hide.
2 Normative references
There are no normative references in this document.
3 Terms and definitions
For the purposes of this document, the following terms and definitions apply.
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3.1 bundle
pack containing several pieces of wet blue leather wrapped together
Note 1 to entry: 12 pieces, or multiples thereof, per pack for small ovine skins. Six pieces, or multiples thereof,per pack for large bovine skins. Or, for an easier decimal calculation, 10 pieces, or multiples thereof, per pack for small ovine skins and five pieces, or multiples thereof, per pack for large bovine skins.
3.2 bundle slip
marking sheet tagged with a bundle that provides a description of the contents
Note 1 to entry: The contents of each bundle are described in terms of
a) grading;
b) average size and number of pieces packed in the bundle;
c) total area (m 2 );
d) weight;
e) origin and description (goat; sheep/lamb; cow; buffalo; other).
3.3 bundle size
maximum number of pieces that each bundle can accommodate for easy handling
Note 1 to entry: Care should be taken that the number of leathers packed in one bundle should not weigh more than 30 kg wherever there is manual handling. For mechanical handling, up to one ton can be packed per bundle.
4 Package descriptions
4.1 General
The following are the requirements for the packing of wet blue leather. All leathers shall be flat-packed without wrinkles on wooden disposable pallets or rolled without wrinkles in materials suitable for moisture retention.
NOTE Wrinkles formed during transit due to improper packing and inadequate moisture content in the leather are permanent and reduce the value of the leather for the end user considerably.
4.2 Bundle/pallet
Each bundle is initially packed with a material suitable for moisture retention, for example polyethene,and subsequently packed in an appropriate material to provide protection during transportation, for example HDPE or hessian bags.
The following information should be marked on the bundle:
a) consignee;
b) lot no.;
c) bundle number/pallet no.;
d) grade;
e) number of pieces;
f) total area packed in the bundle/pallet;
g) date of packing;
h) weight of the bundle/pallet (see NOTE);
i) description of product, for example, goat, cow, sheep, etc.
j) place of manufacture.
Weight of each bundle shall not exceed the limit prescribed by ILO for manual handling.