IEEE Std C135.20:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std C135.20:1998 pdf free download

IEEE Std C135.20:1998 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for Zinc-Coated Ferrous Insulator Clevises for Overhead Line Construction.
3. Materials
3.1 Clevises and clevis pins
Clevises and clevis pins for spool-type insulators shall be made from one of the following materials:
a) Hot rolled open-hearth steel;
b) Basic oxygen steel;
C) Electric furnace steel.
Materials shall be of a grade and quality suitable to meet the strength and performance requirements of this standard.
3.2 Cotters
Coiters for clevis pins shall be self-locking and made from corrosion-resistant materials.
4. Strength
4.1 Dead-end loading
Refer to Figures I through 5 for specific ultimate strengths.
Dead-end load shall be applied in a direction in line with the mounting bolt and perpendicular to the clevis pin. The clevis shall be capable of withstanding the specified ultimate strength loading without any permanent deformation.
4.2 Side loading
Items 5.6. and 7 in Figure 3 shall be capable of withstanding a side pull loading of 4.5 kN (l(X b) applied at 900 to the axis of boih the mounting bolt and the clevis pin, without exceeding a test deflection of 10mm (3/8 in) and a permanent deflection of 6mm (1,4 in). measured at the center of the clevis pin.
5. Dimensions
Dimensions and tolerances shall be in accordance with Figures 1 through 6.