IEEE C37.40:2003 pdf free download

IEEE C37.40:2003 pdf free download

IEEE C37.40:2003 pdf free download.IEEE Standard Service Conditions and Definitions for High-Voltage Fuses, Distribution Enclosed Single-Pole Air Switches, Fuse Disconnecting Switches, and Accessories.
1—While this term is defined in IEEE Std C37. 100-1992. the two definitions arc not identical.
2—Indistnhution enclosed air switchj Sec 1.2..
4.1.32 distribution class fuse cutout: See: cutout; distribution.
NOTE—While this term is defined in IEEE SW C37.I(X)-l992. the two definitions are not identical.
4.l.33 distribution class ruse link: See: distribution; fuse link.
4.1.34 dropout fuse: A fuse in which the fuseholder or fuse unit automatically drops into an open position after the fuse has interrupted the circuii
4.1.35 enclosed cutout: A cutout in which the fuse clips and contacts and the fuseholder or disconnecting blade are mounted completely contained within an insulating enclosure. See ahw: cutout.
4.1.36 enclosed single-pole air switch: A single-pole air switch in which the live parts of the switch are completely contained within an insulating enclosure See atco: air switch.
4.1.37 expendable cap (of an expendable-cap cutout): A replacement part or assembly for clamping the button head of a fuse link and closing one end of the fuseholder. It includes a pressure-responsive section that opens to relieve the pressure within the hiseholder when a predetermined value is exceeded during circuit interruption.
4.1.38 expendable-cap cutout: An open cutout having a fuse support designed for, and equipped with, a fuse holder having an expendable cap.
4.1.39 expulsion fuse: A current-carrying device with a current-responsive fusible element that when heated by a particular current passing through it. causes the melting of this fusible part. Melting of the fusible dcment causes it to sever, and this creates a current-carrying arc within the fuse. The interaction of this arc with certain current interruption facilitating items included in the fuse produces a gas. The expulsion effect and other properties of this gas. either alone or aided by other mechanisms, results in interruption of the current in the circuit very near the circuit’s normal current zero and subsequent withstanding of the recovery voltage of the circuit.
1—There are Iwo classes of expulsion [uses, power and distribution.
2—While this term is defined in IEEE SW C3 7.100.1992, the two definitions are not identical.
4.1.40 external capacitor ruse: A fuse external to, and in series with, a capacitor unit or group of capacitor Units.