IEEE 802.11Y:2008 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11Y:2008 pdf free download

IEEE 802.11Y:2008 pdf free download.IEEE Standard for lnformation technology- Telecommunications and information exchange between systems- Local and metropolitan area networks一Specific requirements Part 11: Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications.
When a STA with dotllMultimainCapabilityEnablcd set to TRUE enters a regulatory domain, before transmitting, it shall passively scan to learn at least one valid channel, i.e., a channel upon which it dctects IEEE O2i I frames Thc Bcacon frame contains information on the country code, the maximum allowable transmit power, and the channels that may** be used for thc regulatory domain. Optionally, thc Bcacon frame may also include in the Country information clcment. on a periodic basis. the regulatory information that would be returned in a Probe Response frame. Vhcn DSE dependent STA operation is required in a regulatory domain, a dependent STA may be required to receive a Beacon frame signalling dependent enablement (11.11.5). and until this frame reception transmission occurs, the STA may continue passive anning to receive such a Beacon frame dirtly from an enabling STA. Once the STA has acquired the information so that it is able to meet the transmit requirements of the regulatory domain, it shall transmit a Probe Request to an AP to gain the additional necessary regulatory domain information contained in the Probe Response frame, unless the information was previously received in a Beacon frame. The STA then has sufficient information available to configure its PitY for operation in the regulatory domain.
Insert the following subclau.4e5 (9.8.3 and 9.8.4) after
9.8.3 Operation with regulatory classes
When dot II RegulatoryClasscslmplcmcntcd is true, the following statements apply:
When dotl I RegulatoryClassesRequired is false, or where regulatory classes domain information is not present in a STA. that STA is not required to change its operation in response to an information element or element-specific information field that contains a regulatory class.
When dotl I RegulatoryClassesRequired is true, or where regulatory classes domain information is present in a STA, the STA shall indicate current regulatory class information in the Country information element and Supported Regulatory Classes information element.
When dot II RegulatoryClassesRequired and dot II ExtcndedChannelSwiichEnabled arc true and a
STA is capable of operating as specified in more than one regulatory class, the STA shall include the
Supported Regulatory Classes element in Association frames and Reassociation frames.
When dot II RegulatoryClassesRequired is true, or where regulatory classes domain information is present and the STA parsing a Country information element finds a First Channel Number or Regulatory Class field with a reserved value, the STA shall ignore the remainder of the Country information element and shall parse any remaining management frame body for additional information elements.