BS IEC 62523:2010 pdf free download

BS IEC 62523:2010 pdf free download

BS IEC 62523:2010 pdf free download Radiation protection instrumentation — Cargo/vehicle radiographic inspection system
This isodose contour is provided for reference purposes only. It may change substantially based upon the motion of the system and the object placed in the beam.
4.6 Radioactive sources
Radioactive sources shall be properly shielded and protected from unauthorized access. The transportation and labelling of the radioactive sources shall comply with national and/or international requirements (e.g., IAEA No.TS-R-1 and IAEA No.RS-G-1 .1 0). Provisions should be made for routine leak testing of the radioactive sources, in accordance with ISO 9978:1 992 in order to minimize the radiation exposure to the operator.
4.7 Safety interlocks
Safety interlocks shall be installed to prevent people from being accidentally exposed. The radiation beam can only be turned on after all the safety interlocks are in the “ON” position. If the status of any interlocks changes during operation, the radiation beam shall be terminated or shuttered. The safety interlocks shall be designed to work in fail safe mode. The safety interlocks shall provide an interface to link additional safety devices.
4.8 Status indicators Status indicators shall be installed to provide audible and visual warning signals to warn people of the danger of radiation exposure. These warning signals shall be started at least 5 s before the beam is turned on and remain on during the scan until the radiation beam is turned off.
The configuration of status indicators shall comply with local regulations. Ionizing radiation warning symbols or placards shall be placed along the boundary of the controlled area and the supervised area.
4.9 Monitoring system
A video monitoring system shall be provided for the operator to observe the controlled area and the supervised area.
5 Inspection system classification The inspection system should be classified as:
• X-ray inspection system: an inspection system that uses an X-ray source for obtaining images;
• Gamma-ray inspection system: an inspection system that uses a gamma-ray source for obtaining images.
6 General test procedures
6.1 Nature of tests Except where otherwise specified, the tests and test methods of Clauses 9, 1 0 and 1 1 in this standard shall be considered as type tests. All the tests and test methods in this standard may be considered acceptance tests based upon agreement between the user and the manufacturer.
6.2 Reference conditions and standard test conditions Except where otherwise specified, tests shall be carried out under the standard test conditions shown in the third column of Table 1 . For tests performed outside the standard test conditions, the values of temperature, pressure and relative humidity shall be stated and the appropriate corrections, if any, made to give the response under reference conditions. All tests in Clauses 7 and 8 shall be performed with the same values of these operating parameters. The values of any corrections should be stated. Reference conditions are given in the second column of Table 1 .