IEC 60872-3:2000 pdf free download

IEC 60872-3:2000 pdf free download

IEC 60872-3:2000 pdf free download Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems – Radar plotting aids – Part 3: Electronic plotting aid (EPA) – Performance requirements – Methods of testing and required test results
1 Scope
This part of lEC 60872 specifies the minimum operational and performance requirements,methods of testing and test results for equipment that complies with performance standards notinferior to those adopted by the International Maritime Organization (iMO) in resolution MSC.64(67)Annex 4 -Appendix 2. In addition,this standard takes account of iMO Resolution A.694and is associated with lEC 60945.
When a requirement in this standard is different from lEC 60945, the requirement in thisstandard takes precedence.
The electronic plotting aid for manual direct plotting is intended for small ships fitted with eithera gyrocompass or a transmitting marine electromagnetic compass conforming to lSO 11606 ora transmitting magnetic heading device conforming to lMO MSC.86(70) – annex 2, and a speedand distance measuring equipment(SDME) conforming to lMO’Resolution A.824 andIEC61023.This plotting aid is not suitable for ships classed as high-speed craft.
All texts in this standard, the wording of which is identical to that in IMO resolution MSC.64(67)Annex 4 – Appendix 2, are printed in italics and the resolution and paragraph numbers areindicated in brackets.
Normative references
The following normative documents contain provisions which,through reference in this text,constitute provisions of this part of lEC 60872.For dated references,subsequent amendmentsto, or revisions of,any of these publications do not apply. However,parties to agreementsbased on this part of iEc 60872 are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying themost recent editions of the normative documents indicated below.For undated references, thelatest edition of the normative document referred to applies.Members of lEC and lS0 maintainregisters of currently valid lnternational Standards.
IEC 60872-1:1998,Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems -Radar plotting aids – Part 1: Automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) – Methods of testing andrequired test results
lEC 60872-2:1999,Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems -Radar plotting aids – Part 2: Automatic tracking aid(ATA) – Methods of testing and requiredtest results
IEC 60936-1:1999,Maritime navigation and radiocommunication equipment and systems -Radar – Part 1 : Shipborne radar -Performance requirements – Methods of testing and requiredtest results
3 Performance requirements
3.1 Introduction
3.1 .1 The electronic plotting aid (EPA) shall, in order to improve the standard of collision avoidance at sea:
.1 reduce the workload of observers by enabling them to obtain information about plotted targets so that they can perform as well with several separate targets as they can by manually plotting a single target;
.2 provide continuous, accurate and rapid situation evaluation.
3.1 .2 The radar facilities provided by an EPA display shall comply with those clauses of IEC 60936-1 appropriate to its mode of use.
3.1 .3 In addition to the general requirements contained in IEC 60945, the EPA shall comply with the following minimum requirements.
3.1 .4 Additional ARPA or ATA facilities, not mandated in this EPA standard, may be provided. Such facilities shall comply with IEC 60872-1 and IEC 60872-2 as applicable.