IEC 60958-5:2021 pdf free download

IEC 60958-5:2021 pdf free download

IEC 60958-5:2021 pdf free download Digital audio interface – Part 5: Consumer application enhancement
one-bit audio
one-bit length audio data stream
Note 1 to entry: A one-bit audio data stream can be directly played back through the analogue low-pass filter bit by bit (MSB first).
high-precision multi-bit linear audio
linear PCM audio data longer than 25 bits length per sample
Note 1 to entry: This document supports 32- and 64-bit lengths.
sampling frequency
frequency of the samples representing an audio signal.
Note 1 to entry: When more than one signal is transmitted through the same interface, the sampling frequencies are identical.
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.1]
audio sample word
value of a digital audio sample
Note 1 to entry: Representation is linear in 2’s complement binary form.
Note 2 to entry: Positive numbers correspond to positive analogue voltages at the input of the analogue-to-digital converter (ADC).
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1: 20—, 3.2]
channel status
data carrying, in a fixed format, information associated with each main data field channel, which is decodable by any interface user.
Note 1 to entry: IEC 60958-3 specifies the mode 0 channel status format for digital audio equipment for consumer use.
EXAMPLE 1 Length of audio sample words.
EXAMPLE 2 Sampling frequency.
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.5, modified – Modification of the Note to entry, and addition of two examples.]
specific patterns used for synchronization.
Note 1 to entry: There are three different preambles: “B”; “M”; and “W”.
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.8, modified – Modification of the Note to entry.]
fixed structure used to carry information
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.9]
sequence of two successive and associated sub-frames
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.10]
group of 192 consecutive frames
Note 1 to entry: The start of a block is designated by a special sub-frame preamble.
[SOURCE: IEC 60958-1:20—, 3.11]
channel number
number that shows channel order in two-channel operation mode
channel label ID
label of ID
[SOURCE: IEC 62574:2020, 3.73]
multichannel number
number that identifies multichannel addressing
Note 1 to entry: Same as IEC 62574 channel number
multichannel group
group composed of one or two multichannel subgroups
multichannel count
count of channels in a multichannel group
multichannel subgroup
subgroup, in a multichannel group, composed of several multichannel
Note 1 to entry: Multichannel subgroup A is set according to multichannel configuration.
Note 2 to entry: Multichannel subgroup B is set according to multichannel map.
multichannel configuration
configuration of multichannel addressing
5 Operation modes General
5.1 IEC 60958-1 specifies single- and two-channel operation modes. This document introduces several new operation modes based on the same interface format of IEC 60958-1 without the pre-emphasis function defined in IEC 60958-3. Channel status information identifies these modes in operation. This document shares the information with IEC 60958-1 and IEC 60958-3 and specifies new usages.