BS EN 14458:2018 pdf download

BS EN 14458:2018 pdf download

BS EN 14458:2018 pdf download.Personal eye-equipment – High performance visors intended only for use with protective helmets
1 Scope
This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for visors designed specifically to be used only with protective helmets e.g. firefighter helmets conforming to EN 443, EN 16471 and EN 16473 and high performance industrial helmets conforming to EN 14052. These visors may be permanently fitted to, or be removable from the helmet.
Three types of visors in two forms are described in this document.
The two forms are:
一face guards provide both eye and face protection, and
一eye guards that are shorter and effectively provide only eye protection.
The three types are:
一visors for general use: eye guards and face guards providing resistance and/or protection against mechanical, liquid chemical and basic physical hazards;
一 visors with increased thermal performance: face guards that additionally provide resistance and/or protection against higher than basic levels of heat and flame;
一 mesh visors: eye guards and face guards that incorporate mesh lenses with defined levels of performance from EN 1731, and other additional mechanical requirements described in this European Standard.
These visors are not intended to protect against smoke and gas /vapour hazards.
Visors for sporting use, those with corrective effect, and goggles used with a protective helmet are not covered by this European Standard.
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