ASME PALD:2005 pdf free download

ASME PALD:2005 pdf free download

ASME PALD:2005 pdf free download.Safety Standard for Portable Automotive Lifting Devices.
This Pan applies to self-contained hydraulic hand jacks designed for lifting hut not sustaining loads in either the vertical (primary) or horizontal (secondary) directions. This Part does not include hydraulic bumper jacks and their assorted attachments.
1-1.2 ClassIfication
Hydraulic, sell-contained jacks with or without internal load limiting devices are 11w classiFications covered by this Part.
1-1.3 ILLustrations
Figures 1-1 through 14 show typical jacks covered by this Part and are not intended to be all-inclusive.
1-1.4 Definitions
jat, hydraulic hand: portable self-contained device considing of a ram. saddle, and hydraulic pump.
pump. hirazdic: a device consisting of a pump. pump handle, reservoir, and release valve, and utilizing a relatively incompressible fluid, such as oil, as the force transmitting means.
1-2.1 Operating Controls
Operating controls shall be designed in such a manner that they are readily visible and accessible to the operator and so that the operator will not be subjected to pinch points, sharp edges, or snagging hazards. The operation of controls should be clear to the operator either by position, function, labeling, or combination thereof. The pump handle shall be capable of being operated to the jack’s rated capacity without sustaining functional damage. The nYleast- system shall require intentional positive action by the operator for release to prevent accidental lowering.
i 1-22 Travel Limit
Each hand jack shall be provided with a positive means to prevent the load from being raised, lowered, or moved beyond the design limit of travel.
The following are examples of safety markings and messages.
1.3.1 Safety Markings
Safety markings shall conform to the ANSI Z535 series of standards.
(a) Study, understand, and follow all instructions before operating this device.
(b) Do not exceed rated capacity.
(C) Use only on hard, level surfaces.
(d) Lifting device only. Immediately after lifting, support the ehicle with appropriate means.
(e) Failure to heed these markings may result in personal injury and/or property damage.
1-3.2 Safety Messages
Additional safety messages include the following.
(a) Lift only on areas of the vehicle as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.
(b) No alterations shall be made to this product.
(c) Only attachments and/or adapters supplied by the manufacturer shall be used.
1-4.1 Proof Tests
For each design or design change that may affect the jack’s ability to meet this Standard, sample jacks built to design specifications shall be proof tested. To conform with this Standard, the jacks shall perform to design specifications and no functional damage shall cxcur, nor shall operational characteristics be detrimentally affected. Multiple rated jacks shall be tested at the full extension of the first stage and last stage.