ASME B107.1:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107.1:2002 pdf free download

ASME B107.1:2002 pdf free download.SOCKET WRENCHES, HAND (INGH SERIES).
4.11 Dimensions
Dimensions shall be in accordance with the applicable table unless uthci-wise specified.
4.12 Type Ill — Universal Sockets, Single (5- Point) and Double (12.Point) Hexagon
Type Ill unisersal sockets shall consist of a single ((s-point) or double (l2.poini) hcsagon socket and an internal dnve end. liach member shall be permanently attached to each other or by means of an intermediate member to form a urnversul joint. The sockets shall be pros ided with a friction type device which will hold the dnse end and socket end in any set position with a force adequate to hold Lhe socket against grasity. They shall be cable of wtation in a complete an. when the angular deviation of either end member from the common centerline is 40 deg. If hinge pins arc used, they shall not extend beyond the periphery of the universal joint section for more than 0.031 in. and shall not interfere with the regular operation of me universal joint. The portion of the hinge pin that estentb beyond the periphery shall ndI have sharp edgcs. Type Ill universal sockets shall comply with the tables herein (see Fig. 2 and Tables 9 through II).
6.1 Hardness
The hardness range specihed in para. 4.4 shall be testcd on a Rockwell tester using a diamond penetraloi uid employing a 150 kg load in acconlanec with ASTM 1 18. When surface preparation is rwcessaz-y. the amount of material removed in the area contacted by the penetrator shall riot exceed:
5.2.1 Application of Proof Torque. The proof torque shall be applied with a suitable torque-producing machine.
(a) Sockets. A drive end lest mandrcl of suitable strength and complying with the dimensional requirements of the drive tang specified in ASME B107,4M shall be employed. The test plug shall be dnven by any suitable manual or mechanical means. The socket shall be engaged on the end of a mandrel to a depLh in accordance with tables herein. Means shall he provided to maintain the mandrel insertion depth.
(b) Universal Sockets. Tests shall be made in the same manner as specilied in (a) above except that means shall be provided to keep the parts of the universal socket assembly on a common axis about which the torque is applied.
5.2.2 Mandrels for Wrench Openings. Suckets shall be tested on mandrcls. Six-point or 12-point hexagonal sockets shall be tcsted on hexagonal mandrels. lour- or eight-point sockets shall be tested on square mandrels. The sizc of all mandrels shall conform to the tables hercin. Mandrels shall be hardened to not less than 56 HRC.
5.3 Coating Process Qualification Test
Thc Coating Process Qualification Test for Alternate Coatings shall be performed to certify the manufacturer’s production coating process. The Coating Process Qualification Test consists of an adhcsion. abrasion. and corrosion test spccificd in paras. 5.3.2, 5.3.3, and 5.3.4. The Coaling Process Qualification Test may also be performed to certify the manufacturcr’s Nickel- Chromium plating process. Passing the Coating Process Qualification tests, when agreed to by the customer. exempts the manufacturer from the Nickel-Chromium Thickness requirement of para. 4.7.2(a) and the NickelChromium Adhesion requirement of para. 4.7.2(b).
Retesting may he required when a significant change occurs in the proccs. when there is a change in the materials, or whcn contractually required by the customer.