ASME CSD-1:2006 pdf free download

ASME CSD-1:2006 pdf free download

ASME CSD-1:2006 pdf free download.Controls and Safety Devicesfor Automatically Fired Boilers.
an appliance designed for heating nonpotable water stored at atmospheric pressure such as water in swimming pools, spas, hot tubs, and similar applications.
postpurge period: a period of time after the fuel valves close, during which the burner motor or fan continues to run to supply air to the combustion chamber.
prepurge period: a period of time on each startup during which air is introduced into the combustion chamber and associated flue passages in volume and manner as to completely replace the air or fuel-air mixture contained therein prior to initiating ignition.
pressure regulator, LP-gas,first stage: on undiluted LP-gas systems, a pressure regulator designed to reduce pressure from the container to 10.0 psi (69 kPa) or less.
pressure ivçulator, LP-gas, second stage: a pressure regulator for service on undiluted LP-gas systems designed to reduce first stage regulator outlet pressure to 14.0 in. W.C. (4.0 kPa) or less.
pressure regulator, service: a pressure regulator installed by the serving gas supplier to reduce and limit the service line gas pressure to delivery pressure.
irnen prepurge: a provision of the control system for preventing burner operation until prescribed air flow is proven to be established during prepurge.
qualified individual: a boiler service technician who is engaged in and is responsible for installation, replacement, repair, or service of the boiler, fuel burning system controls, and safety devices and is experienced in such work.
readily accessible: having direct unimpeded access without the need of a ladder or removing or moving any panel, door, or similar covering of the item described. recycle: the process of sequencing a normal burner start following safely shutdown before the establishment of lockout.
relay: a device that is operative by a variation in the conditions of one electric circuit to start the operation of other devices in the same or another electric circuit, such as pressure or temperature relay.
relight: the action upon loss of main flame to reestablish the ignition source without recycle.
sediment trap: a device in a gas line that collects and prevents solid debris (such as pipe dope, slag, dirt, etc.) from traveling downstream into the gas controls. (See Fig. 1.)
shutdown, normal: shutting off fuel and ignition energy to the burner by means of an operating control.
shutdown, safety: shutting off all fuel and ignition energy to the burner by means of a safety control or a primary safety control (see also lockout).
switch, air flow: a device used to prove the flow of air. switch, high oil temperature: a temperature-actuated device arranged to stop the flow of fuel to a preheated.