ASME B30.22:2016 pdf free download

ASME B30.22:2016 pdf free download

ASME B30.22:2016 pdf free download.Articulating Boom Cranes.
cvssover points: in multiple layer spooling of rope on drum, those points of rope contact where the rope crosses preceding rope layer.
drum: the cylindrical member around which a rope is wound for lifting and lowering the load.
dynamic loads: loads introduced into the machine or its components due to accelerating or decelerating forces.
electrically insulated: a material property that is related to the material’s ability to resist conduction of electricity.
flange point: a point of contact between rope and drum flange where the rope changes layers.
inner bnn: the structural member, attached to the mast, which supports the outer boom(s).
inner boom lift climider: the hydraulic cylinder that lifts the inner boom.
inner boom pErot: the horizontal pin about which the inner boom is raised or lowered relative to the mast.
jib (fly jib): an articulating or fixed boom assembly with or without extendable boom sections that attaches to the outer boom.
load, working: the external load in pounds (kilograms) applied to the crane, including the weight of load- attaching equipment such as slings, pallet forks, and grapples.
load block, hnocr: the assembly of hook or shackle, swivel, sheaves, pins, and frame suspended by the hoisting rope.
load block. upper: the assembly of shackle, swivel, sheaves, pins, and frame suspended from the boom point.
load heist mechanism: a hoist drum or rope reeving system used for lifting and lowering loads.
load lrook: a structural component that pins to the outer boom, jib boom, extensions, or the load line and is used for attaching loads to the crane.
load indicator: a device that measures the weight of the load.
load radius: the horizontal distance from the centerline of rotation to the centerline of the hook pin at any boom position.
load ratings: ratings in pounds (kilograms) established by the manufacturer, mainframe (base): the stationary base of the crane that supports the mast or turntable.
mast: a frame for use in connection with supporting a boom from mainframe or base.
minimum breaking ,firce: the minimum load at which a new and unused wire rope will break when loaded to destruction in direct tension.