ASME B30.19:2000 pdf free download

ASME B30.19:2000 pdf free download

ASME B30.19:2000 pdf free download.CABLEWAYS.
Section 19-0.1: Scope of B30.19
within the generai scope defined in Section i of theIntroductiou,the scope of B30.19 applies to ali loadtransporting, hoisting, and iowering cabie-supported sys-tems operating on and supported from track cable(s).This Standard does not apply to skylinc systems,asuscd in thc logging industry, or stacktine systems usedfor excavating.
Section 19-o.2: Definitions19-0.2.1 Types of Cableways
fixed cableway:a cableway cowsisting of fixed (nIonI-luffing) towers (masts) which support the track cable(s).
Thc lowcr and uppcr load blocks are supported by acarriage powered by inhaul and outhaul ropes to travel
on the track cuble(s). The function is to lift. lowcr.and transport loads a distance between the towers (see Fig. 1).
luffing cableway:a cableway similar to a fixed ca-bleway excepr the towers (masts) are not fixed. By theuse of powerec lutting guys. the towers (masts) can be leaned in either direction transverse to the trackcable(s) span. providing a lateral movement of the load biock isee Fig. 21.
parallel cableway:a cableway similar to a fixed ca-bieway except the rowers are supporied by wheeiswhich are powered for lateral movement on parallelLr acks (see Fig. 3).
radial cableway:a cableway which has a fixed (non-luffing) tower and a tower supported by wheels poweredfor travcl on a track which follows an arc at a radiusabout thc fixcd towcr (scc Fig. 4).
19-0.2.2 General
accessory:a secondary part or assembly of parts thatconiribuies to the overaii function and usefuiness ofthe machine.
admiristrafive or regulatory authoriry:governmentalagency, or the employer in the absence of governmentaljurisdiction.
appointed:assigned specific responsibiiities by theempioyer or the employer’s representative.
cuihorized.approved by a duly constituted adiministra-tive or regulatory authority.
brake: a device, other than a motor, used for retardingor stopping motion by mcans of friction or power.button line:a rope suspended between thc top ofthe cableway towers to position the slack carriers atpredetermined locations as the trolley moves longitudinally along the track cable.The button line is normallyabove and clear of the track cables.The buttons attachedto the button line are of varying sizes to permit someof the slack carriers to pass by whilestoppingthecarricr designated for that location.
cab:a housing provided for the operator in whichthe cableway controls are contained.
cubiewey:a device used for hoisting. lowering. andtransporting loads wilin a pesctiled patl,lougitudi-nally and laterally. The load block (uppcr) travels ona ropc catcnary systcm having span cndsthat aresupported on fxed or movablc towcrs imasts) or otherelevated supports.
carriage ( trolley): a framework that travels by itssheaves ( wheels) on the track cable(s) and includes theupper load block.
designated.a person selected or assigned by the em-ployer or the employer’s representative as being compe-tent to perform specifc duties.
designer ioriginal: the qualifel person or pnersonsdesignated to design the components of a cablewayfor a given set of circumstances relating to but notlimited to capacity. span. height. and terrain (also. see manufacurer).