ASME B30.1:1998 pdf free download

ASME B30.1:1998 pdf free download

ASME B30.1:1998 pdf free download.JACKS.
1-1.1.1 Control Parts. Control parts shalt be designed to provide a means of operation and adjustment which will minimize exposure of the operator to injury.
1-1.1.2 Overtravel. The general construction of every jack shall incorporate a positive stop or method to prevent overtravel, but such a stop shall not alter the operating characteristics of the jack.
1-1.1.3 Features of General Design. All features of general design should be such as to minimize hazard(s) in the use, handling, and operation of the jack. and should conform to applicable industrial standards.
The jack shall be designed to meet either of the following two criteria.
(a) Design Qualification Testing. Each design or moditIcation shall be proof tested in accordance with the following procedures.
(I) Hydraulic Jacks
(a) Dynamic Test. The jack shall be operated through ten cycles of full travel at 110% of rated ioad
(b) Static Load Test. The jack or cylinder shall be pressurized at 150% of pressure at rated load three times, with the ram extended to approximately 90% of full extension. After this test, the jack shall be functional at rated load for full extension and be free of leaks.
(c) integral Auxiliary Load Points. The tests as described in (aXIXa) and (b) above shall be performed for each integral auxiliary load point, using appropriate rated loads as detined in Section 1-0.2 (see load razing. auxiliary).
(2) Mechanical Jacks
(a) Dynamic Load Test. The jack shall be loaded to I lO% of its lifting rated load and operated to its full length of travel through ten cycles.
(b) Static Load Test. The jack shall be loaded three times to 150% of its sustaining rated load, with the lifting member at approximately 90% of full extension. After this test, the jack shall be functional for full extension under 100% of lifting rated load.
(1) The computed stress in the structural components of the jack shall not exceed 50% of the yield strength of the material at the appropriate rated load for the components. Any degradation of physical properties caused by welding handles or eyes to stressed hydraulic ram cylinders shall be taken into account in determining the yield strength
(2) Each double-acting hydraulic jack shall be fitted with a relief valve on the retract circuit which bleeds the smaller effective area of the jack. A flow- restricting component shall not be present between the relief valve and the smaller area.
(3) Carrying handles, if provided, shall be capable of statically supporting 200% of the weight of the jack. If a handle or eye is welded to a stressed hydraulic cam cylinder, welding shall conform o current industrial welding standards.